Monday, February 4, 2008

The serenity of snow.

Okay Kim, here is something for you. You wanted me to send you some snow. Unless you want I should bottle snow and mail to you, this is the best I can do.

Last night, we had gotten no snow for a full day. Then, about 8:30p.m., just about the time the Giants won the Superbowl, the snow started coming down. Not flurries, no warning, just beautiful blizzary snow. For all the excitement of the evening, you know... the whole Superbowl thing, it got so very quiet outside. It was one of those times you wanted everyone you loved to be right there with you. *sigh* That will be another post, probably tomorrow.

This across the street. That is our street light.

This is the same place, only it is the street, under the that street light.

Same street light in the background, only now I am in our backyard instead of the front.

I am standing basically in the same place, only this is the house instead of the street and yard.

Here, I a have turned around. This is a maple tree, The Giving Tree, (be sure to click on the link for The Giving Tree if you have never read it) in my backyard. My dad and I planted that tree when I was in high school.

This is our neighbor. Though I did not ask him while we were talking out there in that snow, I suspect he was shoveling off an area so the little brand new Llasa Apso they just got, would not have her potty training interrupted by the snow. Baxter, really likes that cute little furry ball.

That is the same street light, and that car is barely creeping along.

Time for homework. :-) Tonight, I am trying this recipe. With a simple leafy salad and some garlic bread, dinner will be complete. Actually, this site has some good stuff on it. Since I am not raising children, I only go to one of her three blogs that you will see listed on that site. This is the one with quick, inexpensive and tasty recipes.

Be blessed!

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Kim said...

Thanks my dear! I will play in your cyber snow, but I sure would like the real thing! Hey, I'm getting that root canal tomorrow morning, bright and early. Your prayers would be very much appreciated!