Friday, April 25, 2008

I heard it through the grapevine.

Lynne, over at Lynne's Little Corner of the World, is offering a reading challenge. The challenge is simply to read three books that you have never read before, that have been recommended to you by others. You can have read other works by an author, just not the one you select for the challenge. You must be signed up by May 1, which is when the challenge begins. You need to be done reading and posting your review of each book by, November 30. You are welcome to read and review more. Here are my selections.

1. First Among Equals
I have read a few short stories out of Jeffrey Archers', Twelve Red Herrings. I was amazed at Lord Archer's ability to lure me in, twist me about, dash my expectations, make me gasp, and finally end a short little story with an ending I would never have guessed, or imagined. What amazes me more is that I did not follow through and read more of the books he had written. A while back, my husband recommended I read, First Among Equals. The book has been on my "to read" list since. I think this is the perfect time to pick it up and do just that. It will be my first read for the challenge.

2. Battlefield of the Mind
I own and have read some of Joyce Meyer's, books. I like her candid style, and ability to present biblical truth at her own expense by using scenario's from her own life others may try to skirt, or ignore. A very dear friend of mine is facing the one year anniversary of her husband's death. This has been a very difficult year for her and the grief is particularly heavy right now. We had lunch together not too long ago and she said she was able to get past some of the pain she thought would prove insurmountable, because of the concepts she read in Joyce Meyer's book, Battlefield of the Mind. Again, this book is already on my shelf and my list of to be read. This will be the second book I read for this challenge.

3. The Body in the Transept
For my third book I have chosen a murder mystery. No big shock for those of you that know me. My good friend Millie, recommended this author. She did not recommend this particular book as she does not read murder mysteries. She, knows however that I like a good cozy whodunit, and she knows how much I like to read about, England. Here is a little about the book from the author Jeanne. M. Dam's, web site.
The Body in the Transept
"My first book, my first-born child! Dorothy Martin, an American expat living in England and feeling very sorry for herself on her first Christmas Eve as a widow, stumbles over a body as she is leaving the cathedral after the midnight service."
Sounds good to me! Millie knows this author and was excited to tell me Ms. Dam, lives in South Bend, Indiana. South Bend is less than an hour from where I live, and I am quite familiar with the city.

If you would like to follow this challenge, you can go to the I Heard it Through the Grapevine, blog.

"When I discovered libraries, it was like having Christmas every day."
~ Jean Fritz ~

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Handbag Hoot!

Yesterday, Sarah over at BritGal, began an "Handbag of the Day" feature on her blog. She faced one of those little chores we often avoid and wish we hadn't, she tidied her handbag wardrobe and cleaned each one out. Realizing she had 41 bags and being 41 years young, she felt there was some significance there. So, for the next 41 days she will be featuring one bag a day, giving each a proper name and the story behind each treasured possession. I have seen some really wonderful and fun things on blogs, but this is so creative and I know will be so much fun that I have called this post, Handbag Hoot! I won't miss one of these I can assure you. You can click here to go to the very beginning of this journey. Sarah has already posted her first bag, Fleur, so you might want to get over there and get started.

Have a hoot!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

With a little knowledge, finances can be your friend.

Hi! I would like to introduce you to, Dave Ramsey. I
typically do not post on finances or economics. Our personal finances are essentially just that, personal. Finances can and often do bring out the core of where we live. They reveal so much about who we are. I have heard it said that if you look back over an individuals check book register or bank statement, you will see exactly how they live and what is important to them. How true that is. I imagine in part that is why Matthew, records Jesus' words in Matthew 6:21, " "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." But economics are another thing altogether. Economics affect us all. Of course, they are only a corporate reflection of the handling of individual finances. Economics, is the topic of many meal time gatherings, a favorite topic for the media, a major factor in the stress level of many, and the bane of most, at least those that are not particularly affluent. Unfortunately, the population at large does not appear to have grasp significant enough on the mechanics of personal finance for it to be an asset and friend, rather than a liability and enemy. Therefore, economics receives the undue power of being a four letter word. Fail! This is not a necessary plight for anyone. There are simple ways that require just a small amount of information, and a certain amount of desire, discipline and determination to achieve personal financial success. Since the day I began this blog, I have had made a link available for what I believe to be the very best financial teaching available. Dave Ramsey, has made personal finance extremely easy for the average person to understand. Even I get it now. If you have read this post thus far, you owe it to yourself to take a look at what he has to offer.

Now, why the change in my operating procedure? I decided to address this topic of consternation, confusion and personally sequestered angst out of irritation. If I were to allow it, I would be weary to the point of the hopeless discouragement I hear spoken all around me. It absolutely amazes me how so many believe our economic prognosis is so portent. Personal finances are personal, but I have resolved myself to the idea that I am going to counter those disparaging remarks with a few positive remarks of my own, from now on. I am guessing that those that like to trash talk finances, and the way the world is headed for a certain gloomy doom, will either have their interests piqued by my comments and want to learn more about succeeding, or simply, stop peddling their media influenced down trodden blues to me. I am hoping for the first of those two possibilities. Though it may sound so, I am not a mean person. Quite the contrary. It breaks my heart to hear and see people not only buy and believe disheartening propaganda about anything they hear about finances, but to also to live it out. That dear reader, is why I changed my operating procedure here. If I can in some way make a positive impact in someones life, I grab it with both hands and run like the wind with it. I have lived many years defeated in so many areas, to the point of imprisonment, that I love to see people become free. That is one of the things I love about the, Lord. That's another post. :-)

So, I do get the Dave Ramsey newsletter in my email every month. I want to share the newsletter I got for April, here on my blog today for you to read. The main article is very fundamental, relevant, as always it is easy to understand and very freeing! I hope you will take a few minutes and read this article titled, "Recession Proof Yourself".

And now, my little spin on this matter is going to get just a brief bit of air time here. Here it is.

To begin with, God wants to bless us! He is a good God, and delights in the total prosperity of his children. I am not shoving the Mercedes, mansion, jewels and frivolity show here. Prosperity means many things, but God wants us blessed in all areas, including finances, and adds no sorrow to get it to us. We just need to be obedient, and receive. Second, once we get a grasp on that scriptural concept, being able to give to others becomes the happy event it is meant to be. Just a note, the Bible gives us guidelines for giving, and the Holy Spirit leads each according to the way we are to give. Be prudent and not silly here. Last but not least, if we are not living in and enjoying financial stability, if we are not enjoying blessing, we can not be good givers, certainly not cheerful ones. We are blessed, to be a blessing.

Be blessed, and be a blessing!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blogs I Read, additions.

I have added a few new names to the "Blogs I read" side bar. You may want to take a minute and check them out. Bookfan-Mary, is a wonderful book review blog. BritGal in the USA, Sarah, is a blog written by a delightful woman that hails from Manchester, England, and is learning the ways of yankies, as she has relocated in the heart of, Oklahoma. And then of course, there is Cozy Chicks. This blog is penned by seven murder mystery authors, Diana Killian, Karen MacInerney, Michele Scott, Maggie Sefton, JB Stanley, Heather Webber, and my latest wonderful cozy find, Kate Collins. They share things from their daily lives, their latest books and much more. You will also find a link to their web site. It was in exploring this web site that I found, The Wine Lover's Mystery Series. Michele Scott, writes this series as well as one about horses. Oh my, flowers, wine and horses. Eureka!! When I wrap up the Flower Shop books, I am thinking it is on to vino.

Be well!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I love the good things in life.

And this, is one of them. The other day, Jon went across the street to talk to Mr. .... You could not ask for better neighbors. They are really good and nice people. They are Christians, and it shows! Big time. Anyway, I had baked some Oatmeal Raisin cookies the day before. Was it because I had been looking at cookie recipes online, or because I am reading the last in the Hannah Swensen Cookie Mysteries, or because I was out of anything to have with tea..... who knows?? I baked the decadent things. Of course I was catching myself eating them when it was not time to have tea. I had already given a good portion of the batch away to another neighbor, and now it was time to get rid of the rest. This neighbor Jon, was going to go talk to, have five children. I got those little tasty treats wrapped up, and off they went. Whew!!!! Not too much damage done, and now they are gone. No more baking for a while.

So today, I am getting ready to have dinner and one of the daughter's of the neighbor Jon, was talking to comes over. Always nice to see her. Below is why she came over. She made me a Thank You card, for the cookies, and had her sister's sign it! Her younger brother's were busy outside doing whatever it is little boys do. Etiquette and good manners still exist! And in the next generation! This is such a good thing. I am so touched and encouraged that I just had to stop what I was doing and share this. I have only photographed the upper portion of the inside of the card so as to protect their privacy.

I do believe by the looks of this card, this girl is stamper in the making. :-)

Be blessed (I just was),

Thank you, Kim.

With all of the change that is going on in my life (more detail later), you would think I might try to keep anything I don't have to change, the same. But, I have been wanting to lighten up the look of this blog for some time. Perhaps you have heard of the book titled, The Five Love Languages, by Dr. Gary Chapman. If not, the book gives a great foundation for understanding how people receive love. The five languages are Words of Affirmation, Spending Quality Time, Acts of Service, Physical Touch and Gifts. Well, I had mentioned to Kim at Coffee in the Morning, that I wanted to lighten up the layout and overall appearance of my blog. I was even willing to, and had begun to play with some yellow to go along with Honeycomb title. But, pink is my favorite color and since the blog is an expression of myself, I really wanted it pink (just not the bold dark pink I had). The next thing I know, there are six photo options for headers in my email... all of white blossoms laced with the prettiest and most gentle pink, and three of the photos had a honey bee on them. Kim and I communicated back and forth for over a day discussing different layouts and color choices I chose, and she would give me her honest opinion on them. What fun! What a friend! This girlie is going through quite a lit physically, emotionally and spiritually right now, and she took time to work with me on my project. What a gift the photo options were. They were photos she took. What a kind service, some people get paid for very well for what she did with me. And, she was very encouraging and affirming every step of the way. Short of the love language, Physical Touch, Kim displayed them all. Since my love language is not Physical Touch, I felt loved, and then some. Thank you, Kim!

Oh, and in the midst of it all, Kim did a complete change on her blog. I had to take a second look to see if I was in the right place. Be sure to take a peek. :-)

Just a note. The book's subtitle is, How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. Don't let that limit you. This book will help you with all of your relationships because it will show you how to show your children, friends, co-workers, anyone really that you care for them in a way they will understand.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Flower Shop Mysteries

Kate Collins, aka Linda Tsoutsouris

I have been meaning to sit down and get this post on my blog since last, Sunday. I will just say in my defense that there is bit of a {{{MAMMOTH}}} size project going on here around the Honeycomb house, and I have been quite a buzz with it all, and blogging has suffered some. So a week later, here it is.

A week and a half ago, I went to Barnes & Noble's, in hopes of finding a a book by the author Susan Sallis, titled Searching For Tilly. Ms. Sallis, is an accomplished and loved British fiction novel author. From what I can gather, she has given the world twenty novels with a new one due to release sometime this year , two novellas, and a four book family saga series called, The Rising Family Saga, all of which are successful works. I have knowledge of her only because of a dear friend in England, and her blog. I went to our county library and they had six of her books, only the first one in the Rising family saga, and none of the others I thought I might like to start with, and no Searching For Tilly. My local town library had not a one of her books. So, there I was at Barnes & Nobles, hoping they carried them. I figured since Searching For Tilly, was her newest release they would have it if they carried her at all. They did not have a single book by, Ms. Sallis. However.......

I was looking for this book in part as a way to branch out into something a little different than I had been reading. Enter the serendipitous find of the "Flower Shop Mysteries". You may have noticed, I added "Flower Shop Mysteries" to my "Cozy Murders" list about a week and a half ago. While in Barnes & Nobles, turning to leave the fiction section, I spotted a display at the end of an isle that said, Local Authors. My interest piqued, I took a minute to peruse the books displayed. The display was devoted to one author and several of her books. They were... you got it, cozy little murder reads. Hummm... definitely interested. Reading the description on the backs I discovered they took place in a little city here in northwest Indiana, I lived in for several decades. Hummm..... which book was published first? For those of you that know me, you know I read books in the chronological order they are published in. In the case of The Chronicle's of Narnia, the order C.S. Lewis wrote them in is how I read them since they are not the same. In looking for publication dates, I spotted the authors real name. She publishes these under a pseudonym, Kate Collins. I recognized her last name, but could not place her. Upon just a little further investigation, which simply entailed a stroll through her website, I discovered she was in fact married to an attorney that is very well known, respected, and an integral part of the cities legal system, and someone I had the pleasure of meeting many years ago. I was amazed! The things you don't know, eh?

So, because it is late and I have just sat through three hours of class, I opt to see research publication dates at home, see if the library carries the books, check out the first one if they have it, read it and decide whether to pursue another. If the library did not have it, I would come back and buy which ever turned out to be the first in the series. Good news! The library in town had them all. Wow!! So, I check the first one out and what a wonderful read. This lady is an amazing writer, and the queen of cliff hangers. I would tell myself I would put the book down as soon as I finished the chapter I was reading. But, the end of the chapters were the most pivotal for wanting to go on. Bother! I finished that book in no time! So, I took that book back and check out the second. I stuffed it in my purse and off to Bed Bath & Beyond, in search of an electric hot water kettle I go. Hurrying, since I really want to get home and start the. next installment. Okay, one guess... who do you think was in Bed Bath & Beyond? I turn a corner and there was the attorney I knew to be this delightful authors husband. And oh yes, I have never been the "groupie" type, but thoroughly embarrassed myself here. Now keep in mind, I had just minutes before checked out book two, and am rushing to get home to read it. This is what I have on my mind, especially since there was no electric hot water kettle I was interested in at this store, and there Kate Collins (Linda Tsoutsouris), is! There I am, behind her husband and say, "Jim." He turns around, smiles and says, "Yes." Remember, I respect and like this man. But instead of, "Hi” or "How are you?" or anything courteous or intelligent, I say, "This must be, Linda." Ugh!!! I would not have been like that if I hadn't just discovered her books, and wasn't thinking about them at that very moment. Anyway, although the heroine in these books is very spunky and when needed feisty, Linda was one of the most gracious, classy and warm people, I have met in a quite a while. We spoke for a few minutes, she gave me a book mark, and that was that really. What a treat. I had wished at that moment that I was carrying my own copy of the book in my purse instead of the library's. I could have asked her to sign it. Ugh!! again.

Well, I found something truly enjoyable to read that was different than what I had been reading. These are good books and if you like cozy murders, I think you will enjoy these. If you like a thriller that keeps the average person up at night, or something with detailed gory forensics, these are not for you. These are rich in relationship, exciting in story line and just plain ol' good cozy who dunits!

Here are the books in the order they are presented in the series.

Mum's the Word (Nov. 2004)
Slay it With Flowers (Mar. 2005)
Dearly Depotted (July 2005)
Snipped in the Bud (May 2006)
Acts of Violets (Mar. 2007)
A Rose From the Dead (Dec. 2007)
Shoots to Kill (Due out, Aug. 2008)

Try one, and enjoy!

Friday, April 4, 2008

"Alone" by, Carolyn Chambers

I will not say too much about this article I have posted for two reasons. First, I want you to read it for yourself and allow the Holy Spirit, to speak His words into your heart. Second, the article is very candid, personal, moving, and I truly could not expound on it much anyway. I applaud this author for her courage and conviction. Certainly this was painful to write, but her desire to share wisdom with other women superseded her own comfort or privacy.

It is not popular to write or speak about taking personal responsibility. The blame game began in the Garden, and has not ceased to exist. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely in favor of women being free in the Lord. He came to set all captives free. Sometimes, that freedom comes only when we recognize where we are to be, and how we are to act. Even Kings, queens and presidents have defined roles. Oh, to just grasp the love of God, and walk in it. I offer this on Honeycomb, because it spoke volumes and deeply to me. I receive the spirit in which this article was written, and I embrace its wisdom.

The article can be read here.

Grace and peace to you,

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fellowship Thursday

Several years ago, the Pastor at our church asked me if I knew a particular women that was in our congregation. I did not. He told me she and I had parallel interests, that he was certain we would be fast friends, and that I should contact her. I did, we do, and we are. I phoned her and we set a lunch date. Oh my! She loves to study the Word (sound familiar?), she has a deep and special interest in the women of the Bible (definitely a long time passion of mine), she has a deep desire to see women free in the Lord ( something I am passionate about), she is a retired English Professor (hello!), and author(oh if only, eh?). Well, Pastor got it right, we were fast friends. It did not take long for our light lunch fare to become heavy and wonderful conversation. As we shared with each other how God had been so vital and fulfilling in our lives, we made an interesting discovery. Millie, my new and fast friend, said that while she and her husband were missionaries in Taiwan, they had worked with a lady missionary that had the same last name I did. She wondered if I knew of her. Knew of her??? She is only the best Aunt on the planet!! Millie had worked with my husbands' Aunt Dorothy, for four years some forty years ago. Small world? Yep! Coincidence? Come on... you know me better than to think I believe in coincidences. God was at work, and He was shining out strong in our lunch date. Since that time, I have grown to love, Millie Samuelson. Her heart is so bent toward the Lord, and what he has done, and is doing in the lives of women. This is a quote off of her website.

"Growing up in China, Millie saw how the Christian faith gave dignity and freedom to Chinese girls and women. Not only were their feet unbound, but their lives as well."

When Millie was a little girl in China, her father asked her if she imagined that it was only men at the Last Supper. In that conversation, something was birthed in Millie's heart. She began very young to explore the role of women in scripture. Though Millie, has authored other books, I will only mention two of them and then one she is penning now. The first in the series of three is titled, Men and Women of the Last Supper: We Were There Together. The second is, Women of the Last Supper: We Were There Too. The book she is writing now is I believe titled, Children of the Last Supper: We Were There Listening. You can find out more about these books on the website link above, or just click here.

I mention these books because of what I am about to share with you. After Millie, published the first book, our church began performing the monologues from its amazing pages, throughout Lent. Every Wednesday, beginning with Ash Wednesday, until the Thursday before Easter, our church had dinner together. Each Wednesday, all the disciples, and the women that were most likely present at the Last Supper would be there in full costume. A few disciples would perform their monologue from Millie's books at each dinner. The women that were there in costume also spoke monologues. I have been Mary Magdalene, in these performances. Oh, what a blessing. How could Millie, have known how much that story meant to me? She didn't, but God certainly did. I was honored to do it. I may write more on that someday. If I do, I will ask Millie, for her permission to post the monologue she wrote for Mary Magdalene, that I did, on this blog. We were invited to other churches to perform as well. Oh, what an experience. Millie has given me permission to write a script for a play from the inspiration I have gotten from her book. I have a pretty big project in the works right now, but that script is on tap for the summer! Millie, if you are reading this, I want to publicly thank you for so many hours of prayer, research, writing, editing and rewriting that you have put into these wonderful books. Thank you.

Now, for this year. I mentioned the third book in this series, Children of the Last Supper: We Were There Listening. Well, though it is not off to the printer yet, we performed out of it. Remember the account of Jairus' daughter? You can read about it here, here and here. This last book reflects the historical and spiritual perspective of the children that most likely were there. If the women were there, the children were too. And if there was food being served, the women were there. The new covenant using bread and wine was part of the evening, but supper was served as well. Jairus' daughter ( a youth at church) performed a monologue from this newest book, of what Jesus would have meant to her. These monologues though not word for word scripture, give you an historical and scriptural perspective of what it would have been like to be there. Instead of being the Last Supper all those years and cultures ago, it becomes a real, present and relevant event when you can get a glimpse of what it might have been like to be there. Very wonderful road to ponder down. I love those things that make Jesus so real to me. Precious!

Click on the pictures to enlarge them if you like.
Since we added the children this year, Millie gave us some amended instructions before our Last Supper was performed. That is my dear friend herself standing in this first picture. Perhaps you recognize Jon, seated in the photo facing us.

Millie is in my circle at church, and so are these women. These are two of my favorite sisters on the planet! We were in the ladies room preparing to perform. Couldn't resist this shot.

Here we are, Jon and I. I loved making these costumes. Actually, I love every aspect of drama. My grand daughter wants to be in a performance like this, and wants me to make her a costume just like mine. She is the older of the two that I made those cowgirl costumes for. She is also the reason I will get that play written this year. :-)

There are two people missing in this photo, but you get the idea. Jairus' daughter is front and center. Jesus is in at the table, in white. He is more commonly known as, Pastor.

Some call the Thursday before Easter Sunday, Maundy Thursday. Some call it, Holy Thursday. This day is referred to as "Maundy Thursday", because of how Jesus gave a new commandment to those in the upper room after Judas left. Maundy is derived from the Latin word, mandatum, which means command (mandate).

I call it, Fellowship Thursday. That is precisely what Jesus was doing with those there, and the new covenant given that night gave us and all people, the opportunity to choose to have fellowship with Him, yet today and forever.

I can not close this post with mentioning something wonderful that happened that night at church. I will start by sharing a little about Communion, since that is what this Thursday, night was really about. Often churches, therefore people, focus on the forgiveness aspect of Communion. In and of itself, that is great and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. The problem is that there is so much more. And, when we don't have an understanding of that we miss some very precious blessings. Read with me in Isaiah 53: 4-5.

Surely He has borne our griefs (sicknesses, weaknesses, and distresses) and carried our sorrows and pains [of punishment], yet we [ignorantly] considered Him stricken, smitten, and afflicted by God [as if with leprosy].
But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our guilt and iniquities; the chastisement [needful to obtain] peace and well-being for us was upon Him, and with the stripes [that wounded] Him we are healed and made whole. (AMP)

When Jesus went to the cross, he took every need we had and redeemed it there. When He conquered death and came up out of that grave, he gave all the answers to all our problems the power they needed to come to fruition. Hallelujah!! He gave us resurrection power, the ability to come up out of any problem we face.

Now of course we have to believe those promises. To believe them we must first know what they are. We have to have faith in God's word. And, we must choose to receive them when we ask for them, and believe we receive them. There is so much to write about all of that, and I will go into more on that later in a future post. But, if you want to live a life clothed in victory, that's the pattern for the victory cloak.

So, lets review what Isaiah had to say. Essentially, Jesus took all of our weaknesses and problems on Himself, and nailed them to the cross. His body was beaten and cut open so we could have healing in our bodies. His blood ran out as a result of such mutilation so we could have forgiveness for our sins. His spirit was tormented so we could have peace. God gave us Jesus, and Jesus gave us Himself, just to redeem us back from the curse. God loved us enough to give us everything, at a cost that bankrupt Heaven.

So, can you guess what I am doing when I take Communion? Often I have my Bible out on my lap and am thanking God for ALL He has done for me. You know how some religions call the bread and wine the "Eucharist"? Well, that is just a fancy word for what they deem "consecrated elements" for Communion. If you drop the capital "E", and simply spell it eucharist, it simply means "thanks", or "giving thanks", or "thanksgiving". In the Greek, eu means "good". Charisma means, "divine favor". And originally Eucharist was, Eukarist, a combination of the two. So simply put, "good divine favor that we are thankful for". Long before I started studying words, I was spending my time at the Communion table, in communion with God, thanking Him for His merciful, wonderful, abundant favor... His grace to me! I was so tickled when I realized that in blind faith I was actually on the mark. Oh, did you know that sin really means, "to miss the mark". That just popped out. Okay focus. Often, I am reading this while I am at the Communion table.

Psalm 103: 1-6
Let all that I am praise the Lord;
with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name.
Let all that I am praise the Lord;
may I never forget the good things he does for me.
He forgives all my sins
and heals all my diseases.
He redeems me from death
and crowns me with love and tender mercies.
He fills my life with good things.
My youth is renewed like the eagle’s!
The Lord gives righteousness
and justice to all who are treated unfairly. (NLT)

And now about that wonderful something that happened that Thursday, night. After we were done with our performance, Communion was served. During the distributing of the bread and grape juice, I had such a pressing in my spirit to pray for my husband's shoulder to neck area. Jon had been going to a Chiropractor for some pain he was having in that area. Jon does not seek medical help unless it is absolutely necessary, and then he fudges as much as he can. So, enough said. The Chiropractor had just ordered an MRI. Jon's condition was not good. Jon knows how to believe God for healing and so do I. We have seen it different times in our family. Anyway, I was really feeling pressed to pray about it. Then, I felt the Lord move me to not just pray about it, but to lay hands on him and pray over it. There was a woman at our table that I knew understood biblical healing, and also knew how to receive it. So it was no surprise when I felt the Holy Spirit lead me to ask her to if she would get in agreement with me over, Jon. She was happy to do it. Thank you, for your yielded and sweet heart, Elaine! God laid it on my heart to ask Jon if it would be okay if we prayed over him. He was good with that. I then felt the Lord lay it on my heart to tell Jon to just receive the healing by faith when we he took the bread and juice. He said he would. The earth did not quake. The building did not shake. But, I felt a complete peace for obedience. You gotta love that feeling... I do! Next day, Jon is at the Chiropractor for an adjustment. He told Jon to cancel the MRI. He couldn't figure it out really, but the problem did not exist anymore. Jon was and is, pain free! Thank you, Jesus for:
For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,’ says the LORD... Jeremiah 30:17 (NKJV)

Be blessed!