Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blogs I Read, additions.

I have added a few new names to the "Blogs I read" side bar. You may want to take a minute and check them out. Bookfan-Mary, is a wonderful book review blog. BritGal in the USA, Sarah, is a blog written by a delightful woman that hails from Manchester, England, and is learning the ways of yankies, as she has relocated in the heart of, Oklahoma. And then of course, there is Cozy Chicks. This blog is penned by seven murder mystery authors, Diana Killian, Karen MacInerney, Michele Scott, Maggie Sefton, JB Stanley, Heather Webber, and my latest wonderful cozy find, Kate Collins. They share things from their daily lives, their latest books and much more. You will also find a link to their web site. It was in exploring this web site that I found, The Wine Lover's Mystery Series. Michele Scott, writes this series as well as one about horses. Oh my, flowers, wine and horses. Eureka!! When I wrap up the Flower Shop books, I am thinking it is on to vino.

Be well!


Barbara said...

I'll have ti visit Brit girl in the USA to see how a Manchurian is faring over there.

Wonderful gift your cookies and obviously very appreciated.

BritGal' Sarah said...

Hey Teresa, I am so glad I haven't bored you to death yet! Thanks for the link, I appreciate it :-)

Mary said...

Ooh! I'll be looking into the Wine Lovers series. Thanks for the suggestion : )