Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scottish Terrier cake!

I don't suppose you would be particularly interested in making this cake unless you have a Scottie, or someone dear to you has one or loves the breed, and you wanted to do something special for them. But for those of you that may have occasion to whip up a Scottish Terrier cake, this post is for you. This cake is so easy to make and the results far surpass the effort and, it makes for just some plain old fashioned fun. Alright then, lets get at it.

You will need a serving device at least 18 inches wide and 14 inches in height. I used an old cutting board my dad made. I covered it with foil and then parchment paper. I would steer clear of regular cardboard or the pre~cut cardboard cake servers as this cake is wide and heavy.

Now you will need to choose a cake you want to use. I made this one a white cake. Jon and I like white cake. Whether you make yours from scratch or a box, the average cake recipe or one boxed mix is what you need. Prepare your batter and bake it in two separate 8 X 8 inch cake tins. Let them cool and turn them out one at a time. You can use any frosting you like as long as it has the consistency to spread thick and hold it's shape.

And here is where we take cake into the shape of a Scottie. These are your first cuts. The cut that is vertical in this picture is 2 inches. The cut that is horizontal is 4 inches. The little obtuse triangle is to be set to the side. That is your Scottie's tail. The 4 inch by 2 inch is well..... fodder for the baker. Go ahead and taste test before you serve. :-)

Frost your larger piece making sure to get ample coverage, and get the sides done well as you won't want to mess the surface of your serving device up later.

Lift and transport to whatever you will be serving the cake on.

Now let's cut the second cake. Again make a vertical cut right at the 4 inch mark that is 2 inches in length. Then make a 4 inch horizontal cut leaving a 2" by 4" piece. Share that piece with whomever you wish, it is not going to be used either. Now, one more cut. Slice off a triangle right there in the center. Your Scottie will need ears, this piece will be just that, the ears.

Time to frost again making sure you cover the sides well. This will be the front wither, chest and legs.

Transport just as you did the the other piece. Line two pieces up as exactly as you can where the back comes together.

Here are your head, ears and tail. Frost the large piece which is the head. Again, get good coverage on the sides.

Notice the large licorice drop in the background on the right. Also notice the kettle is plugged in keeping a good supply of hot water going.

Transport your head piece just as you have the others. See the 4 cup measuring cup? That is where my hot water is. I use it to dip my frosting spatula in to slick the frosting down and cause it to be smooth and glossy. We are getting there!

Frost the tail and ear piece just as you have the larger pieces, then put them just where you want them. Notice the smooth and glossy frosting. We have boiling hot water and a metal spatula to thank for that.

Now we put a nose on, an eye on, and dress up our Scottie's furnishings. The nose is that large licorice drop cut in half from top to bottom. The eye is a drop of white buttercream frosting I always have in the refrigerator with the top of one of those large licorice drops sliced from side to side, set in. I used a #233 Wilton tip for this Scottie's furnishings. This tip is typically used to make grass, or the fur on say Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch. Clicking on the picture will give you much better detail.

Wouldn't be a Scottie with out a tartan collar. The dark blue and dark green is my favorite. That is the Black Watch modern tartan. Although there a New York City blue and green tartan that was designed in 2003, I believe. Not sure of the whole story of origin there, but it is much like the Black Watch modern. I like the dark blue and dark green tartans that sport no yellow, red, white or pinks. Let's move on.

And there you have it!

Time to enjoy Baxter, family and cake!

If you make this cake please let me know. I would love to put pictures of your wonderful cakes on my blog.

Here's a little diagram to use if you ponder the idea of whipping this cake up.

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Mary said...

Teresa, This demonstration is so good! It must have taken a lot of time and the end result is wonderful. Thanks for posting!

Linda said...

Fantastic post!!! I enjoyed reading and "watching" your demonstration.

Carrie said...

Excellent demo of how to make this charming cake!

Miss Jean said...

Lordy, mercy! That cake is just tooooooooo cute! I will have to remember to make it for Maggie's first birthday in January. I'm not really talented in that area but I bet Becky (Sweet Cottage Dreams) would help out.

pamokc said...

cute cute cute! great idea and well done you.

Barbara said...

The cake looks good enough to eat!

DogTwitterer ( said...

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News thanks you for this important public service. We have linked!And soon we will bake.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Teresa, I don't know what is cuter - the cake or Baxter! You are uber talented! I saw that Scottish Terrier and Dog News had this post linked to her blog. I smiled and said, "I know them!"

BTW, if Miss Jean needs help, I will be back in touch!

Thanks for the 4-1-1!


Kim said...

I forgot to comment on this great tutorial, Teresa. Excellent job! I bookmarked it so I could find it if I ever need to make a Scottish Terrier cake. Maybe I need to get a Scottish Terrier so I'll have a reason? ;)

My Maine Cottage said...

Thanks for showing us this!!!! My hubby's birthday is coming up- I bet he would love it!! :-)

Candice or Keith said...

I made this cute cake for my son's first birthday. I used chocolate jimmies for the furnishings and red sprinkles for the collar. As a macabre twit we used red velvet cake. Mine isn't as fancy as yours but I loved making it! Thanks for the adorable idea! I posted a picture of it here

Sari said...

I am so happy to see this in detail. I made a cake like this about 10 years ago and couldn't find my instructions. I love terriers!

Tiffany said...

I have been looking ALL over the web for any ideas as to how to make a Scotty dog cake! My little boy (named Scotty) is turning one in August, and we are having a Scotty dog-themed party. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Tiffany said...

I decorated the Scotty dog cake today for my son's first birthday on Saturday. It came out cute! (Not as professional looking as your cake, though!) I posted a photo on my blog. Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...
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anitas said...

This was fantastic! My mother in law is a Scotty breeder and I wanted to make her a Scotty cake. It only took an hr or so to assemble and ice! Thanks for sharing

kat said...

I'm just in the process of adopting a Scottish Terrier pup. He'll be arriving next weekend.

So I'm all Scottie excited. I will definitely be attempting this.

Thank you!!!

Teresa said...

Kat, you will have fun making that cake for the wee pup! I will be visiting your blog frequently so if published I will be able to see it. Feel free to email me from the "Drop me a line" icon on my home page with Queen Elizabeth on it! Thanks for stopping by!