Sunday, March 25, 2012

A beautifully done Scottie cake!

This morning while checking my email I came across an email that was very happy happy, and put a huge smile on my face. The woman that sent that email to me is Peta, and her husband is Andrew.  They live in Australia where they enjoy "Funday's" throughout the year.  Peta and Andrew own a three year old Scottie named, Miss Jarvis. Funday is where Scottie owners and their Scotties get together for a social day of Scottie games and lunch. By the sounds of it, it is a good day.The Secretary of the club knew Peta liked to bake and asked her if she would like to brings something to the clubs 75th Anniversary Funday. Her husband suggested and helped her bake the Scottie cake they had seen on this blog that I did back in 2008.

Peta did a completely lovely job of it. This cake is wonderfully full of detail and I think is amazing. I am guessing it tasted quite good as well. I like her presentation. Notice the plaid ribbon tied so sharply to the cake cutting knife, and please do not miss the Wheaton and Black Scottie chocolate pops.

I would love to take Baxter and be a part of their Funday's,  and I would have enjoyed sampling this cake. Baxter's birthday is coming up and I am feeling the urge to bake and decorate this cake.

Great job, Peta!

 Notice the detail of furnishing on the back under the tail and her under belly.

 Miss Jarvis is so cute!

Here is a better piccie of the chocolate pops.


Kim said...

She and her husband did a beautiful job! Very nice cake! And love the beribboned knife, as well. :)

Allison said...

There's only one thing more beautiful than the cake, and that's it's maker. :)

Micki said...

What an amazing cake Peta, you have done yourself proud! Perhaps you have found your career calling, cake decorating?

If so, can I place an order please?

Micki x

Barbara said...

Hi! Teresa

back in circulation I see. Love the cake.
I appreciate your comments re. possible book. It is very much on my heart but time is a factor. I just trust that one day I will feel inspired to drop everything else and get on with it.