Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've been tagged, and oh yeah, I've moved!

My Okie ~ British friend Sarah, has tagged me. This is the first time I have ever been tagged. Whoo Hoo!!! I am a little surprised as although I have been reading and keeping up with those I blogs I enjoy reading, I have not been posting much lately. I suppose now is as good a time as any to get around to mentioning why. Some of you are aware, and others of you are not, that Jon, Baxter and I moved to Oklahoma, a few weeks ago. Actually, since it is the 10th, we have been here exactly one month now. We knew we would be leaving the Chesterton, Indiana, area. We had felt God’s leading for some time. I honestly thought we would be heading southeast. But God, had a different plan. We are now Okie’s, or as some say, Sooners.

Every door we tried to open in the Nashville, or Atlanta, area was shut hard and fast. The door here in Oklahoma, was completely a God thing. It is a great move for Jon’s career, the people he works for are amazing in the way they run their business, (it came as no surprise to find out they were Christians), and the weather and people here are so great. We are loving it here. And, we are now involved with a church that is beyond amazing. I have been to a number of churches and just want to say, the church we are now attending is by far the most balanced and biblically based church I have ever been to. I have never gone into this on my blog, but it completely distresses me how far off the “church” is today from the blueprint set up for her in the New Testament. Enough said on that right now, I will just highlight how happy we are at the church we are now at.

Alrighty then, to get on about the business at hand. I need to share six random things about myself that I have never shared on this blog, and then proceed to tag six people to do the same. Here goes.

The Rules:
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Six random things about myself never shared on this blog.

I just have to say here that a tag like this makes you realize how much we do share on our blogs. As I try to think of random and so far undisclosed things about myself, I am acutely aware of how much I have shared. But... here we go.

1. Although there are many places I love to be, one of my favorite places to be is in the water. I find being in water so freeing and such a release. I do like aquatic exercise better than any other form, but just being in the water gives me the feeling of such freedom, a complete break from any stress, and quite honestly I feel closer to God while in water than anywhere else. I realize He lives in me and that is theologically an off statement, but I am not talking about theology and fact. Some people read or write better inside of a building, outside at a park or beach... I feel closest to God in the water. Perhaps it is because I equate freedom with my relationship to Him. And, for a little extra added measure here, I have always wanted to swim with Dolphins. They are the most graceful and free spirited creatures on the planet. Just watch the way they sachet out of the water and the very same way they sachet back in, creating peacefully perfect movement.

2. There are so many things I really enjoy doing, but the thing I love to do the most is public speaking. I do enjoy being in dramatic productions. I enjoy being the MC for an event. I even enjoy narration for productions. Be that as it may, I am most myself when I am speaking to a group of people (the larger the better), about the Lord, His Word and what He has done in my life. I honestly believe that moving to Oklahoma, has been a strategic part of just what it is God is calling me out to do. And, I am very excited about the things He is laying on my heart in this area.

3. I have won first place blue ribbons in both “Show” and “Taste” in two baking contests. The first was for my Lemon Meringue Pie, the second for my Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

4. I have never been, nor I desire to be in the “Twiggy” category where my body is concerned. I am not tall and I do not have a gangly frame. I am 5’3”, and when my weight is appropriate I have an average and proportionate body shape. When my weight is where it should be, I like my body and my size. I especially like my height. However, after 7 years of much turmoil in 1999, I found myself weighing a solid 50 pounds more than I should. In 1999, I searched scripture for what God had to say about food, diligence, faithfulness and self-control. By applying those principles to my life, I lost and kept off 23 pounds. In 2002, I felt like it was time to begin an eating system that was right for me. After much prayer and research, I started doing the Weight Watcher’s point system, for eating. The program is do~able and successful because it is not a diet and gives you choices and responsibility, which create a life style rather than a setting you up for failure. Their system figures in fiber which is such an important element healthy eating. I will say right here that I did not and do not use the Weight Watcher's Tools for Living. These tools are bandages, and only give surface answers to what I found to be deep rooted issues where food is concerned. For that, I use the principles for food, diligence, faithfulness and self-control I have found in God’s, Tools for Living. In using His tools and the Weight Watcher’s point system, I took off the last 27 pounds in 2002.

That weight stayed off for nearly four years. I had foot surgery in 2006, that made walking (my everyday exercise) impossible for nearly a year. It has only been in the last few months that I can really walk with any ease. Consequently, I have put on ( I just got on the scale) 15.5 of those pounds. So, after my daughter and grandchildren leave and go back to Texas, after this really nice visit we are having right now, I am back on points and walking as I can. I will report on my success and maybe even journal some about this.

5. First, I want to say that while nothing can replace the practice of getting adequate amounts of sunshine, fresh air, exercise, rest, water and whole foods, to ensure good health, we need to examine the amount of essential nutrients we are receiving by the foods we do eat. For a vast amount of reasons from poor agriculture practices, to poor food processing, to the less than green environment we live in, we can not get everything we need and used to be able to receive through our food. However with careful research, both personally and medically, scientifically and through seeking and relying on the One Who created me to lead me, I have discovered the right brand and types of food supplements to take. I do not agree with all of the Shaklee products, and only use what I know is right for me. So, the 5th random thing about me is, I do use food supplements, and I use Shaklee. At this stage in my life I am having what I would call my own personal summers. :~) As long as I incorporate Shaklee's Energizing Soy Protein in my diet everyday, I rarely experience them. I can even drink coffee and tea with caffeine with no problem. Let me miss a day or two of the soy protein and it’s hot flashes all day long, and sleep is a little warmer than I like, too.

I used to struggle with an anemic condition and was on heart medicine. My last physical was typical of the physical exams I have had the last three years. All of my blood work, and we do the much more than just the CBC and a few panels, is great. All of the numbers you look at on my results are either right in the middle of the normal range, or slightly better than normal. Blood pressure is very good, too.

I do want to mention we can not replace the eating of adequate amounts of whole foods with the taking of food supplements, regardless of how high the quality. Also, though there are rave reviews regarding the loss of weight, particularly belly fat weight with Shaklee’s product called “Cinch”, and it apparently does have it’s ingredients derived from the same quality of food their other products are, I want to note it here that I am not in favor of the methods used by this product, nor the concept.

6. The last random thing I will list is a list of some things I would~will enjoy doing:

  • Learn to fly an helicopter.
  • Speak French with complete fluency.
  • Meet and perhaps even have conversation Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.
  • Meet and perhaps even have conversation with First Lady, Laura Bush.
  • Swim with Dolphins, I believe I mentioned that earlier.
  • Watch all of my grandchildren become the people God created them to be.
  • Travel some in France, Spain, Greece and of course... Britain.
  • See my son~in~law back on domestic soil.
  • Be involved in a true New Testament church, commonly known as "House Church".
Six people to tag because I'd love to hear their responses!


Be blessed!


BritGal' Sarah said...

Thanks for doing the tag Teresa, I really enjoyed your random facts :-)

Barbara said...

Teresa I did enjoy reading your tag and getting to know you a bit more.
I am so thrilled that you have found a church that thrills you so much.

I will not take up this tag as I have already done a number of these, plus 100 things about me in the past, plus my life story so think that I have said it all already.

Deborah said...

Thanks so much for dropping by my site. Thanks for tagging me! I promise I will get to it in the next day or two.

Blessings to you!

Kim said...

I love water, too. Not that I put any credence in it, but I was born under a water sign (Aquarius). I love the ocean and lakes and springs and ponds and swimming pools! :) I hope you get to swim with dolphins someday, me friend!

Congrats on the weight loss! I know how hard it is when you have to stop or reduce your exercise for a time. I am working my way down again, as you know. I have 17 pounds to go to get back to where I was a year and a half ago.

I used to take Shaklee products, mainly the calcium supplement. Good stuff! I'm getting more soy now that I'm watching my cholesterol. I have noticed less "summery" symptoms since I've been eating this way. I guess it's doing more than a little good, eh?

I'm so glad you feel so sure about your new home and church, Teresa! What a blessing to know you're in the center of God's will!

I'll try to get my tagged post up soon. I need time to think!

Love to ya, dear friend!

Kim said...

Okee doke, mine is up!

pamokc said...

Hi Teresa! Welcome to Oklahoma! I found you via Britgal Sarah's blog. Hope you are enjoying the move. I'll check back in and see how you are adjusting!

Sara said...

Hi Teresa, I saw your question re my 2006 Book list. I absolutely LOVED her "The Mark of the Lion" series, but have read only two or three of her other works. Redeeming Love is probably my least liked of those I've read and I know it is due to my own personal quirks that I didn't care for the setting of the novel and certain aspects of it disturbed me (for personal reasons) and still do whenever they come to mind. The book was highly recommended by a good friend and I trust her judgment; other friends also loved the story, so I know it's just me that found it hard to read. I'm sorry that's not much of a review and probably not any help to you.

Kim said...

Teresa, now it's my turn to tag you! I want to hear your responses to this one. I think it'll be fun. Please play!

Catherine said...

Thanks, this is great info. I understand that you've looked into the Shaklee products and appreciate that you have an informed opinion about them. Thanks for the info! There’s some additional great info on vitamins and health in general on the Very Healthy Life website. And honestly, I've done lost of research as well and Shaklee really does have the best multi-vitamins out there.