Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Westward Ho!

I thought I might post a few photos of our recent move. Since the profile photo of me at the lap top was taken in our home in Indiana, and we have moved, I have changed the photo to one taken in our home in, Oklahoma. Sorry, Kim. Tomorrow, I will post a little about what has been going on here at our house since the move.

Everything was packed up and filled up,

everyone was tucked up... and it off we went.

We left Chesterton, so much later than we anticipated. Originally, we wanted be rolling out by 12:00 noon. There were some unexpected snags and by the time we got a bite to eat at local fast food place, it was 7:30p.m. Had we left on time, our goal was to get to Springfield, Missouri, and stay the night. Doing so we would have easily arrived at our destination by 2:00p.m. the following day, and we could have unloaded and set up the necessities such as bed, linens, couch, and a few needed kitchen items by bedtime. The next day being Sunday, we could have finished unloading and returned the U-Haul trucks that evening. The best laid plans and all that. By the time we had been on the road four hours, and only somewhat down the highway in Illinois, I got a the full impact of the previous three weeks. I became so overwhelmed with sleepiness I had to stop. There was a rest area within a few miles of that wave of drowsiness, and we stopped. I have seen truckers and RV's park and rest for the night at rest areas many times when we have traveled. I just never figured I would be one. But there we were, Baxter and I in one truck, and Jon, in the other, and about 25 of our closest trucker and RV friends we had just never met... snoozing until morning. Up, teeth brushed, clothes changed, a little walk... and we are back at the rambling road and on our way.

320 miles later give or take, we are passing through St. Louis.

300 more miles and we are in Oklahoma and on the Will Rogers Turnpike.

50 miles into Oklahoma, we stop for one last ..... Tornado! Okay, BritGal warned me about this but... yikes. Oh, and Sarah, YES!! feel free to hook me up with your tornado survival expert, Pam??. There was no doubt for those of us at this stop that there was a tornado somewhere in the area. People were getting off of the turnpike because of the high winds. We ventured back out once the wind settled down some and it was still hard to keep those heavy U-Haul trucks on the road. Here is an article, complete with photos I later found about this tornado.

What a trooper! Baxter, did not seem to even mind. These photo's do not do this event justice.

However, he really was having trouble staying on the ground. If memory serves me right, Jon ended up carrying him most of the way back to my truck.

65 miles of driving in really high winds, coupled with being tired and way past our hoped time of arrival, we did not stop in, Tulsa. This photo is from a previous trip and I just thought I would insert it. Normally, we would have stopped here and then had lunch at Rib Crib. Yumm!!!!! a serious perk to living in, Oklahoma!

Another 110 miles and Home Sweet Rent House. :-)

These are two of my granddaughter's that live nearby. Shortly after we moved in, they hand painted (okay, maybe hand permanent marked) a lovely terra cotta pot and filled it with with impatiens. The sentiment on it simply says, "I love you, Nana" and it is trimmed with plum purple ribbon and embellished with carnation pink beading. Thanks, girls!
The people here in Oklahoma, are not in a hurry about anything. I love that. Stress and discouragement are just not a part of everyday life here. I love that. And!! they are all so friendly. I mean it. Everyone has been amazingly friendly. What a lovely place Oklahoma, is. For everyone that has said to me, "Welcome to, Oklahoma", let me just say, I do feel very welcomed here and I am glad to be here.

More tomorrow on a few wonderful things that have happened in the last three weeks.

Blessings wherever you are!


Barbara said...

I do not envy you a move like that but I am glad you are settling in so well. Surely you did not drive one of those U-Haul's each?

Interesting to see the Oral Roberts Uni. as I worked for him in the 50's.

BritGal' Sarah said...

I am so pleased you are finding the Okies as friendly as I have, they are some of the nicest people on the earth and very stress free!

Kim said...

I wonder if the scary weather makes people nicer? It seems like that is the case in my experience. Fear of God and all. ;) I bet more people put faith in God when He shows his power through the weather. Nothing like a good reminder of how small we really are.

Do you have a storm shelter there? Do most Okies? I know I'd have to to remain sane. Can you tell I'm a storm weenie? Lightning and wind are not my friends! lol

Teresa said...

Barbara~ yes, I did. I drove the Ford 450 U-Haul.. and loved it! What a small world this can be, you working for Oral Robert's. I think he is a great man and has amazing revelation knowledge where scripture is concerned.

Kim~ well it was reported that the most attended church day in the history of this country was the Sunday following September 11, 2001. So yep, it is common for people run to God during times of fear rather than be drawn to Him just because is so good and loves us. As far as the sweetness of the people here and fear. Not sure. It’s the chicken and the egg and who came first thing. There are so many churches here, and most are of the biblically based type. So, did the churches pop up out of reverence for God in what the people thought was His work through storms, or are the people kinder because the Christian persuasion is so strong?? Not sure, but I’m lovin’ it! ... and am thankful.

No storm shelter at this house. Most of the neighbors have them. Storm shelters and pools are as common as good churches. WOW!! when I stop to think about it here, it is so very different than northwest, Indiana. Did I say I was thankful? Anyway, for me a storm is just a great reason to put the water kettle on, make a cup of tea and grab my latest sleuth novel. I have always liked storms. When I was a kid in Japan, we had Typhoon... think nasty Hurricane. I liked those to the point it annoyed my mother. Oh well, so did many things about me... couldn’t let that be an obstacle to enjoying the storm. Though I love the thunder, lightening and torrents of rain, I will admit, I pay attention when a tornado is about. They bring out what little reverence I do have for a weather situation I suppose.

Teresa said...

I realized I had omitted something when I replied to the comments on this post. Jon had our mini-van attached to the back of his U-Haul, and I was towing our car. :-)

Kim said...

Teresa, you are one brave girl. I would be scared to death to drive one of those things! And then to have a car hooked on the back? Yikes!