Friday, July 11, 2008

A little granddaughter time.

Shortly after arriving in Oklahoma, my daughter that lives in Texas, and her three children came to visit. I will be sharing that with you in a separate post. Although, I did get to spend time with my two local granddaughters during that time, one of them really just wanted a little personal Nana time when her cousins went back to, Texas. So, one afternoon, just she and I went to the pool and had a blast (we will be doing that again next week)! We came home put together a little fresh fruit salad with yogurt to get us by until a dinner of French toast and sausage was ready. Jon loved that, cause it just don't happen like that around here. We watched Loch Ness. I offered The Waterhorse, but she wanted to see Loch Ness this time, saving The Waterhorse for next time. Then quite past her bedtime, we headed off for some needed rest for the next morning.

Six~thirty and we were back up and in the kitchen. My granddaughter wanted to make a Lemon Meringue Pie. She had been at that dessert auction with me at church and thought that pie would be just the thing. She was hoping I was only taking the cookies and cake that to the auction that evening, and that the pie would be for family. Well, I got that the wrong way around I suppose. I made two Chocolate Pepsi Cake's and left one of them at her house for everyone, not the Lemon Meringue Pie. Oh well, it's six~thirty in the morning and time for a little redemption for the, Nana. On a recent tag post where you had to tell six things about yourself that you had never mentioned on your blog, I mentioned that I had won first in "Show" and "Taste" for my Lemon Meringue Pie. I asked my granddaughter if she wanted to make it the way I make it now after tweaking my original recipe, or if she preferred to start where I did. She wanted the original recipe and she would go from there. Loch Ness, original recipe... she might get that "first things first" mentality from her, Nana. Remember I start book series and everything else in the beginning? Perhaps it's the anal thing she might have picked up. Perhaps those are one and the same. Not sure, but we started with my original recipe.

Shell baked and cooling, eggs separated, lemons zested, all ingredient's measured and utensils out... time to get squeezing. I love the smell of lemon's gettin' the squeeze!

The first lemon was left a little pulpy and wet. So... time to put some muscle in it. I am proud to say she re~squeezed the first lemon and squeezed the rest of them dry! A perfectionist... who knew? :-)

Done! And very satisfied with her work... as she should have been. With the exception of using the zester, she did this all by herself. I gotta tell ya, I love this brand of baking. Soooo much easier!

Her first pie. This is the same granddaughter that learned to make shortcakes last summer.

And now we are off to that Mall I discovered while her Aunt from Texas, was here. My daughter, the shopping diva. I manage to not even think of going to a mall until she gets here. Fret not! She helped me with that. I have to admit, I am not a mall kinda girl, but the Mall we went to when she was here was really nice. And now, to take one of the younger shopping diva's. We ended up spending about four and a half hours there. Yikes! But, good times!! Who knew? A quick stop on the way home for some produce and......

we stop by my house for a quick cup of tea. This Bengal Spice Tea is actually not tea at all. It is an herbal melange of the most flavorful kind, and it became one of my favorites the moment I took my first sip!! Thanks, Sarah. My granddaughter got a whiff of mine the night before and wanted to try it. No caffeine, no problem. Even her daddy won't mind. Tea sipped and a cookie eaten, grab the pie, and it's off to take her home in time for dinner ~ and she is bringing dessert! Life is good!

Oh, the pie was wonderful!

Be blessed!


Kim said...

I am impressed! Your granddaughter is quite an amazing young lady! Of course, look who she's related to. ;)

Teresa said...

{{..blush..}} tankies. But you know, I've seen some pretty amazing stuff from a certain 11 yo in your household!