Monday, July 28, 2008

A typical moment in our life with, Baxter.

I have been noticing there are a number of things that happen in our everyday lives that are so rote we don't give them a thought. I honestly think most sit~com's get their subject matter from just such daily occurrences. I should probably mention here that I have not actually seen a sit~com episode for probably seven or eight years (maybe longer), so I am not honestly sure what the exact subject matter is, but I'd be willing to guess it the shows are still a reflection of current everyday life. I just rarely watch T.V. but I am thinking of those I did watch i.e., The Dick van Dyke Show, Hazel, Benson, Rhoda, Happy Days, A Fine Romance, Fawlty Towers, The Cosby Show, All in the Family, and my all time favorite, I Love Lucy.

So, I thought I might do a small post on a typical, rote daily moment that we have with, Baxter. It crossed my mind a few days ago when he did this, I should grab a few photos and post them. We think nothing of it anymore, but it really is quite funny.

When done eating, Baxter will use his paw and jaw to flip his food dish over if he thinks the portion was not what he perhaps should have had meted out for dinner.

Excuse me, perhaps you did not hear the clanking of stainless steel against cast iron when I flipped that empty bowl over.

Here, I'll make it easy for you to scoop up a little more. I'll just lay this dish down for you.

Perhaps you need a moment. I will just show you my patient, soft and gentle side here.

At some point, usually 2~3 minutes later, Baxter lays down and though he watches me closely for the next little period of time, he stretches out and gives up. No barking. Just a sigh and some stretching and quiet resignation. Tomorrow is another day, another meal.


Kim said...

lol!!! I loved this! Baxter is such a cutie, and I appreciate you sharing a little about his sweet personality. :)

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Pets dont'cha just have to love'em totally. Too cute Teresa LOL

My Maine Cottage said...

I think my Abby & your baxter have been talking! While she hasn't mastered holding the bowl in her mouth she likes to tip it over on the floor over and over again until I fill it up!