Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tagged and getting back to my blog!

I have kept up on reading the blogs I visit, though I have commented very little, but I have not blogged myself, and have honestly missed it. Moving is such an huge project, especially when you move over 800 miles and opt to do it yourself rather than hire movers. I am still glad we did it that way, but what job! Anyway I am hoping, and I do think I can now maintain this blog like I would like to as all of the events surrounding this move are behind me and the dust has settled. Okay, a few more boxes of things to make final decisions about are still staring at me from the far side of the garage, and I am looking about for someplace I would like to work. I need to find a vet, make four curtains, and find someone to cut my hair (I may have found a stylist. Let you know next Monday, afternoon). Other than those little matters, I am settled. Praise God!! and thanks to a few very special people.

So lets start with some getting back to sort of things. I need to get back to Kim. On June 22, ugh... Kim tagged me. The guideline for this tag is, " name my top 5 musicians and my top 5 favorite compositions done by them." Here goes, Kim.

1. Chicago
Colour My World
Stay the Night (Be still my heart!)
You're the Inspiration
Hard Habit to Break
What Kind of Man Would I Be?
oh my gosh... how do you narrow Chicago down to five fave's?

2. Beatle's
The Long and Winding Road
All My Loving
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Come Together
again... how do you narrow classics down to five fave's?

3. Temptations (Yeppers! I was a HUGE Motown fan... still love the stuff.)
Just My Imagination
I Can't Get Next to You
Ball of Confusion
Get Ready
I Wish it Would Rain

4. Diana Ross and the Supremes (And what Motown lovin' girl did not listen to these?)
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
You Can't Hurry Love
Love Child
Reach Out and Touch
I Hear a Symphony, a lot of singing about love and no substance to it.

5. Simon & Garfunkel
The Sound of Silence
Scarborough Fair
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Mrs. Robinson

What a stroll down Memory Lane that was. With the exception of a few songs like Love Child, and Ball of Confusion, I still would listen to these and more like them if I still owned them. Actually, I have considered buying some Chicago stuff, hummmm maybe I will. While I did listen to music, I never was a person that had the radio, 8 track or cassette player on everywhere I went, not even as a teenager or young adult. Now, I listen to jazz, classical, big band and worship music like hymns and praise choruses. For the most part though, I love quiet. I just use music maybe to accompany me in the car if I am taking a trip that takes more than an hour, and on rare occasion around the house. And then, I tend to listen to non music recordings. Boring? Yeah, some think so. But that's me and I like that part of me. Thanks for thinking of me, Kim!

Okay, my next item to get back to Kim, with is about an auction they held at church. I would just love to be a part of a really great House Church, but at least for now that is not the case. However, I am finally in a church that I can walk in agreement with, and worship freely. I believe your church is more important than where you live or work. Church is where you form friends to fellowship with and where you are being fed whatever spiritual food they serve. I am very choosy about both. The church we are attending is such a blessing and an answer to so many of things I have prayed about over the last few years. I am sure as I blog, you will hear more about the happenings from church. Alright, about the auction. This auction was hosted by the youth. It is an annual event at this church. It is a Dessert Auction, and was held to help raise funds for future outreach events that youth would be doing. These youth performed beautifully some amazing music and drama, and some gave moving testimonies about how they received Jesus, as their Savior, and what he means to them now. Very edifying and encouraging!!! Immediately following was the Dessert Auction. The room was full of people and four long tables were covered with scrumptious homemade desserts. There was and auctioneer and and an auction that I could hardly believe, and I was sitting there. Kim, I did bake and take your Raisin Oatmeal Classics. I called them Craisin Raisin Oatmeal Walnut Cookies. Original huh? Well, I wanted prospective buyers to know what was in them. I did go with all-purpose flour instead of soft whole wheat pastry flour since they were for the general public, but I love them with the pastry flour. So, here is the list of what I took and what each item got as a final bid.

1. Craisin Raisin Oatmeal Walnut Cookies (one plate of 2 dozen) $40.00
2. Chocolate Pepsi Cake with Chocolate Pepsi Frosting (13 X 9) $45.00
3. Lemon Meringue Pie (9 inch) $135.00

It is true. These people support missions, their youth and the work God has laid before them, and they are serious about it. There is a real showing of being a cheerful giver in this church. They understand the seed principle. The overall giving that night amounted to $4,331.00. A great start for this next years outreach projects the youth will host.



BritGal' Sarah said...

Ooooh I like this tag, I may have to do this one myself Teresa - great choices

Kim said...

I love your music choices, Teresa. There is SO much good music out there. It's very hard to narrow it down. I love that you mentioned 8 tracks. When I was 10 yo, my family moved to Alabama from California. It was a long drive as we went up to Wisconsin to visit my aunt and uncle who were living there at the time. So we got to listen to certain 8 track tapes over and over and over and over again. We enjoyed The Carpenters and Otis Redding and some others whose names escape me (surprisingly!). Fond memories of that music and those times.

Wow! Your church is certainly a giving church! That pie must've been some pie! lol Care to share your recipe for it and the cake?????

Teresa said...

Kim, the cake recipe is up. Sorry it took so long. Let me know if you like it.