Friday, September 5, 2008

Up close and personal, beats the media everytime!

I have been so busy lately, and though I won't promise to, it is my hope to sit down tomorrow and get a few things on this little corner of the cyber world that I call mine. However, I did read something on a friends blog just now that I thought warranted being posted here. Pam works here in Oklahoma City, at the Capitol. Please go and read what she has to say in her post, When McCain breezed through here.


Kim said...

Ain't that the truth! (referring to you post title). So sorry about that root canal!!!! You know I can sympathize! ((hugs))

Teresa said...

Kim~ I know you can sympathize and I thought about you on and off as I was in that chair. Thank you.

Can it be that after all of the circus we have been seeing from the democrats, this country will actually get back to virtue and being run with prudence, wisdom and efficiency? I choose to believe we will!

By the way, I don't usually voice my political opinions, especially on the web, but after you came out of the closet my dear I figured it was just good sense to do so. Thanks.

Kim said...

I hope you're feeling better, my friend!

Yes, I believe there's an excellent chance of that if Sarah Palin is what she appears to be. I'm so hopeful!

lol Did I come out of the closet? Actually, politics are so dull most of the time that I have almost nothing to say on the matter. But SP instantly energized me. I am so happy to be looking forward to voting this November!

pamokc said...

Hi girl, so sorry to hear about your root canal. If it ain't one thing, it is another, right??!! Anyway, thanks for linking me and am glad you enjoyed that little story. My life is still not my own either ... but will be in touch soon.