Monday, August 18, 2008

A Cupcake of Coffee.

Recently, I began posting with a network of women that post every Saturday, under the heading of Then Sings My Soul Saturday. I love being a part of this. I really enjoy reading what the other women have to say, and I love having a place to reflect and report a song that ministered to me that week. This weekend a few things got in the way and I did not post mine. I felt badly enough about it that I almost did that entry today instead of this. But, I am going to save it for next, Saturday. I mention that here because some of the what I will say here will in part be repeated to a degree next, Saturday.

This past week, a dear blogging friend of mine sent me some of the Mrs. Meyer's dryer sheets, and Lavender Window Cleaner she had mentioned on her blog. By the way, until August 24th, all orders over $50 will have no shipping charges if you are interested in trying any of her products. I am very happy with them, and plan to use some of these products regularly. It has been a long time since I really enjoyed cleaning my home.

I began blogging because of this blogging lady. Kim, has an enjoyable web site and personal blog. She also has a blog for her cards. She is an amazing stamper. Her cards have been published in national stamping magazines. I really enjoy just looking at them. Well, in that package of Mrs. Meyer's products, she sent me two of her handmade cards. One card was sent to me, for me. The other card was left blank to use as I wanted. The card sent to me had the sentiment "Friends" on it. This was the first card she made using a new toy she bought. The other card was the first card she stamped after a short time off from stamping. She asked me to choose a stamp set and that would get her started. I love the set "Sweet Herbs" and she had made a beautiful card with it some time before.

When I received those two cards, I knew immediately I would frame them. She is a dear lady and friend and those cards mean something to me. I have changed over the years. I no longer decorate my house to "look" good, I fill it with those things that I have sentimental attachment to, things I love, things that make a house, my home. One of my spare bedrooms is what my family refers to as, The Pink Room. And it is. There are pink candles, a pink quilt, a Victorian chair with tapestry cover that has pink roses that belonged to my dear neighbor Joyce, the footstool that was my mother's that I recovered in pink floral tapestry. You get the idea. There are several other things in that room that are so special to me. One of those things is a my parents first bedroom suit. It is now 51 years old. Another precious thing in that room is a the Morse sewing machine that has been around since before my time, was my mother's, and I learned to sew on it. The machine is in it's original cabinet and the accessories box is still on the door. On top of that cabinet is pink potpourri that rests in a lead crystal bowl. That was one of the two pieces of crystal I gave my mother when she retired from 33 years of working for the federal government. And now... that bowl is joined by two precious framed cards.

Kim's blog is called, Coffee in the Morning, and it used to be, Coffee and a Muffin. While framing those cards, I got to thinking about "Coffee"... go figure. That was when I came up with the idea to experiment a little with coffee and cake. The result was some Coffee and Cream cupcakes. A Cupcake of Coffee, really. :~) I will not attempt false humility here, they taste GREAT! I am very happy with them and so are those that have taste tested them for me. Since these Cupcakes of Coffee were inspired by Kim, when we are able to get together in Texas, hopefully sometime soon, I will make a batch for her and her family, and whisk (no pun intended) them down to her.

Pull up chair and have a Cupcake of Coffee with me!


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Teresa now you have to share your recipe?!

Kim said...

You are such a kind friend, Teresa. It's so easy to be your friend. You have me blushing with all your praise! Thank you! I feel honored that you would go so far as to frame my cards. I will soon have another gift for you on my blog. Keep an eye out! ((hugs))

And I'll take 2 of those cupcakes, please! ;) No, actually one. I eat too much as it is!

Kim said...

Awwww, you put up the award!! ((hug))

pamokc said...

Oooohk, those cupcakes look divine! Coffee is my favorite flavor lately. But not as a drink. Just in ice cream and cakes! Cheers to you!

Lisa said...

I am so excited to find your blog!I found you through Mumzie's Pumpkin Patch. I look forward to perusing your blog...I must tell you, I love your Baxter. I have a Scottie girl, Biddy. I was dying at the Sherlock outfit, my daughter and I love it! We are huge Sherlock Holmes Fans (Jeremy Brett).
I hope you'll come visit me.
Blessings, Lisa

Shropshire Girl said...

All of your baking (and the decorating of) looks so wonderful, there is obviously love in what you do!
I have an aplogoy to make, you kindly gave me an award and somehow I overlooked it, I have passed it on, thank you so much.