Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Guess who is 3?

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Yes, this granddaughter turned 3 years old earlier this summer. We went to see Junie B. Jones, and get our all of our Junie B. Jones, books signed~stamped by Junie herself for this beautiful little girls' 3rd birthday. But this birthday party is because...

Baxter, is three!

Okay, I am not nuts, or obsessive with the dog. I am an empty nester that likes to make cakes and celebrate birthdays! Okay?? Okay. Let us move on, shall we? Oh incidentally, there is a lovely lady that has a beautiful blog over at Sweet Cottage Dreams. She has a post that involves her Scottie Duhgall's birthday, where she had a bagpipe player play for an hour. Click here to check that out. You may have to scroll up once you get there. Hummm.. wonder if he would stop by next summer for Baxter's 4th birthday?

Now let's move on. I have decorated cakes in the traditional flowery way. I have drawn Pooh Bear, Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake and many other character's and scenes on cakes. I have even carved cakes to resemble trains, airplanes and other objects. But, I had never carved and decorated a Scottie cake. So I thought Baxter's 3rd birthday just might be the time to give it a go.
I used dark fudge frosting because the black is bitter. This week however, I did learn two tricks of the trade on how to make the black and not have it be bitter. So now, I can use black for more than just filling in small areas. There will be next year. :~)

My granddaughters thought the cake was really great. I love their faces here!

This was Baxter's 2nd birthday. My daughter and her girls were visiting, and they brought their Westie, Sassy to celebrate. No they did not come across 31/2 states just for Baxter's birthday, that was just a perk.

Umm... mom did not make that cake but it was good.

This was Baxter's first birthday cake. What fun!

We had a backyard BBQ complete with lots of friends and family. Good times!

The next few pictures are just a few I chose to put on here because... well because it is my blog, my dog, it is about him, and I wanted to share them with you.
Taking an award at at a Scottish Terrier fund raiser picnic, for being obedient and showing well. Baxter, was a little over one. Baxter is not a rescue, but I have considered rescuing a Scottie. I'd certainly like to have another one.

Happy times!

Proud times!

Baxter, also took first in the Patriot costume category. His costume tied for first in overall good costume. Yep! I made that one. If you go to find the pattern, forget it. I had to make the pattern for Sherlock's cloak and hat.
More good times!

Probably, I enjoy our time grooming better than Baxter, does. But it is a good time of bonding. I originally took these photos to do a little tutorial on grooming Scotties, since Kim requested it. When I told her I would do that, I did not realize having Jon, in the room to take the photos would distract Baxter, so much. It was hard to for him to focus, he just wanted to play with, Jon. So, Jon could not stay and I could not really get a decent tutorial off. Kim, I hope these will do.




and snip.

I have no intention of giving any one of these up, especially this nice new shiny one I got today!!!

Long day. Great day, but long. Somebody is pooped!

Happy Birthday, Baxter!!!


Mary said...

Well, Happy Birthday to Baxter!!! Love all the picks and did I laugh when I saw the Sherlock costume pic :~)

Sara said...

It's obvious that you love your little Baxter, and what a lucky dog he is. The Scottie cake is fantastic and you are so clever!

I have to admit that I am a cat person myself (cringe!) but I totally understand love for one's furry friends. Miss Kitty, by the way, actually has her own blog, though she hasn't been posting much there recently. I must talk to her about that. Now she wants to know when I'm going to bake a Norwegian Forest Cat cake!

Kim said...

You are making me want a Scottish Terrier SO BADLY!!!! You're not obsessed with him or anything, no. lol

Did you make that black and white cake?? Gorgeous! And the Scottie cake!!! OH. MY. GOODNESS. Is that not the coolest cake?? Those grands have the most wondrous expressions. They are impressed! As I am!

And thanks for the grooming pics. He looks so handsome after you get done with him! And that Sherlock Holmes outfit! Man, am I in Scottie heaven right now! I think I might swoon!

Happy Birthday, Baxter!!!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Good morning!! I am so tickled that you left me a message on my blog!! Oh, and btw, thank you for the link.

Happy Birthday Baxter!!!!! You are such a handsome young man and your mommy made you THE MOST adorable cake! Did you get some? I hope so! And check out your day of dressing up as Sherlock Holmes! You look mighty suave in your outfit!

I am going to have to email you to chat about our little wee ones.

Talk soon,
Becky and Duhgall

pamokc said...

oh this is hysterical!!!! a much love doggy indeed.

DogTwitterer (AB.com) said...

Wow! We are linking to this post from the Scottish Terrier and Dog News. I hope you don't mind if we use the photo of your cake. Needless to say, Scottie News readers would love the instructions.

Lallee said...

Well, belated birthday wishes to Baxter. He is adorable! Your cake is awesome too. And I see you also groom your Scottie. Aren't they the best? I found you via Scottie News.

Barbara said...

Oh! Don't they grow quick. My Grandson just turned 2.

Jarin said...

I just came across your site, and it is so precious! I have a scottie, Archie, and his bday is around the corner. Can you please post the directions to make the cake? Thanks!

Jarin said...

I just came across your site, and it is so precious! I have a scottie, Archie, and his bday is around the corner. Can you please post the directions to make the cake? Thanks!

Teresa said...

Jarin, do you have a blog? I would love to see, Archie. If you go to my October 9th post, you will see the how to's of the cake. If you want to know more, I would be happy to help.

Thank you, by the way. I like it when people like, Baxter.