Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spreading some sugary sunshine.

In my neck of the woods, children went back to school today. Among them was my granddaughter. So, not having the blessing of living near a grandchild in the past, I took full advantage of the situation and made a few cupcakes to take into the school office. My granddaughter came over to the house last night to choose the cupcakes she wanted to go into the box for the secretaries. This morning with treat box in hand, I got to go with her, my daughter, her dad and younger sister to be dropped off at school. That may not sound so special to some of you, especially if maybe you have lived near grand children all along, but it was precious to me.

My granddaughter was so impressed with the cupcakes, and so excited to get them to the school that I thought I would share a few photos with you.

The first two photos are the cupcakes as my granddaughter found them when she came over. Photos will enlarge if clicked.

This next photo is of the cupcakes she chose to put in the box to take to the school.

When the office staff bites into these little treats, they will find a big burst of unexpected flavor. Each cupcake is filled with a cooked filling I make. The cupcakes are lemon, the frosting is a vanilla buttercream, and they are each filled with either a fresh lemon curd, or strawberry cream.
What fun!


Mary said...

Teresa, you are such a talented lady! How thoughtful of you to make cupcakes for the secretaries. I'm sure they will love them (and are probably looking forward to your next visit!).

Teresa said...

Thanks, Mary. I like doing creative things, it keeps life fun and interesting I think. Yes, they would like a visit soon. I might do some gingerbread, spice, or pumpkin cupcakes and try to come up with a cream cheese type filling for the Autumn. I love to decorate with Autumn colors... especially when I find a way to put an aubergine color in the scheme. Humm.. guess I will start thinking along those lines.

LAURIE said...

Teresa, thank you for visiting my page and for your lovely words of encouragement. Your prayers for my son and his bride mean so much to me. Thank you.

What beautiful cupcakes you made!!!!! They look too beautiful to even eat! What a great blessing you were to your granddaugthers school. No doubt they will be calling upon you for all of their bake sale fundraisers!! ha ha.

Blessings, Laurie

Anonymous said...

Wow! They are absolutely beautiful, too pretty to eat! I teach at an elementary school and I am sure they really appreciated your thoughtfulness.

Miss Jean said...

Teresa, I sure wish you lived near me. I would ask for cake decorating lessons. This really gives me an idea as my grandson's go back to school on the 25th. I need to start baking!

Kim said...

I must've gotten sidetracked because I had meant to respond to this post. Your cupcakes are gorgeous, Teresa! You will do well at your new profession. Your goodies are a cut above the store bakeries by far. I have no doubt that once word gets around you will be one busy little baker!

Teresa said...

Thank you, Kim. Always the encourager you. How is your son doing today?

Oh, I posted a cake today, feel free to take a look.

Kim said...

He's doing very well! Only wears the snuffer thingy on his nose at night just in case he drips. No more need for pain meds. Things are going very well thanks to yours and others' prayers!

I'll go check out that cake now.

Barbara said...

Those cup cakes are just gorgious and mouth watering. I could just take a bite.