Friday, January 16, 2009

Too busy no more.

I have received comments from Barbara hoping I have not stopped blogging. Thank you for asking. And, I am excited about you upcoming posts about France. Barbara, I have not stopped blogging, but it certainly does look as though I have since I have not posted anything since October, 26. I have been working full time, trying to keep this house going (cooking, cleaning, laundry, bill paying.........etc.) while spending weekends house hunting. Not to mention the commute, big ugh here. There has been so much demand on my time that even my time alone with the Lord has suffered. It's like Kim said, "If you haven't got time for God you're too busy." She is right. I am not going to just make time for blogging and spending time with God, I am going to make some overall changes. I will post those as I do. Although there will be some serious time spent moving soon as we did finally find and buy a home here, at least the time demand of hunting is over and all of this Oklahoma move will settle within the next month or so.

Speaking of Kim, she has been gently nudging me to "Blog something!" This is my blog something and I plan to keep up. I like to blog and I was actually becoming a little resentful that working was stealing the time from I need to do those things I enjoy. Sewing, baking, card making and keeping up with friendships and staying connected to God and in His Word among the most important.

Which brings me to my last little point for this post. Though I like change when it is good, I don't change things much unless there is very good reason to. This is typically because when I decide on something it is really... really... thought out. I need to be more spontaneous, I know. But, I have never been completely happy with the look of my blog. I have been very happy with the photo in the header which Kim took herself, but not the border. I use to look for something soft, pink and with a little monochromatic scrolly type background. I never could find it. Well just like the photo in my header, Kim knew exactly what I was looking for and I never told her I was even looking. Jeez... imagine the plight of her children. :-) She sent me the new border for the template of my blog and I just could not be happier with it! Thanks, Kim.

I have much to blog, and will be getting on it. In fact I plan to blog tonight a few things I am particularly excited about. Baxter wanted out and I happen to be up just now and thought I would get this quick post in. Being 3:50 in the morning, I am going back to bed.

Until this evening......................


Kim said...

Teresa, I'm so glad you blogged! I've missed your posts and I've missed you! I know you've commented on my blog here and there, but it felt very lonely not having your sweet self around more. I look forward to hearing about your changes!

I think that new background looks smashing! I give God the credit for helping me find it. Apparently, He was in it since you were silently looking for it without my knowledge. How wonderful He is for caring about even such a little thing as that!

Love ya!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

I am also happy to see you back Teresa...finally :0)