Saturday, July 4, 2009

Praise God for our freedom!

Happy 4th of July!

Have a blessed Independence Day everyone! I do have several friends in England that I truly cherish. While this day marks the Independence we established from Britain, I honestly like to dwell more on the freedom we have in our dependence on God and completed work of His Son Jesus, at Calvary on the cross. So, in addition to our national freedom I would like to celebrate our freedom in Jesus today while I think of all of my friends and their precious walk with Him.

I could not close this without saying that my heart is also with all of our military men, women and families today. Thank you for all you do! Thank you Marty and Larry! Becky, my love and thoughts are with you today my friend.

Just a little post~script here. I will begin blogging Monday. I have been away and will fill you in then. I have kept up with all of your blogs and have enjoyed that. More Monday.


Kim said...

Awww, sweet Baxter! I owe you a phone call, I know! Soon, I hope!

Denise said...

Your dog is cute.