Monday, April 25, 2011

Cookies, cards, family and friendship.

Thank you, Kim. You are a good friend and a generous one!

Those items in the picture above are gifts my dear friend Kim gave me for my birthday in September 2009. I feel awful because I am just now posting them. They are all from her heart. The Nestabilities are the only ones I own and I love them. The pad comes with them and the stamps are so beautiful, she knew I would love those. I have never seen All Creatures Great and; Small, until she sent the DVD's to me. What wonderful tales of veterinary medicine and animals in York! The card. Kim has made some very amazing cards over the years. This is my favorite. I is the most beautiful card. My favorite colors, vellum and baking too! I have it displayed in my spare bedroom with other cards she has sent me. Thank you, Kim! 

I believe the last time I made a card was July, 2009. That is SO sad! I am redefining my life right now; I am taking it back and making it what I want it to be. Card making may not be the defining point of my life, nor sadly enough it may not be a huge part of my life, but it is most definitely one of the pleasures of life as far as I am concerned. It is therapy at its finest as it provides stress relief, an outlet to create and time of quite and meditation ~ even if I have a DVD popped in. I made a this card that same weekend we tried this church. That is huge. Sad, yeah I know. It was the first card I have made I think since Kim sent me the Nestabilities, I used one of them. They are wonderful! How easy to make that circle now. Did I say, Thank you, Kim??? My daughter had a VERY trying week that week, and that was the easy part. My son~in~law and grandson experienced big time yuck that week. Card and cookie time! It is so hard as a Nana to be so far away when nastiness strikes. So, what does a Nana do? Pray. Pray and pray. Then when you have done that she stands firm on the promises she just prayed over those that need it and then she makes a card, bakes some cookies, and heads to the post office.
Loads of Love!!!!!

And how better to say that than with pink M & M's?

     I can not end this post without saying how happy I am for the Green Bay Packers win this year at SuperBowl XVL! Any of you that followed my blog back when I was faithful to write in it know they are my team.  My husband and one son~in~law are Chicago Bears fans. Another son~in~law is a Washington Redskins fan, and one of my grandson’s is a Minnesota Vikings fan. Christmas this year brought plenty of evidence of that. made out quite well with my family this year as you will see in the picture below, and that was not all of it. The amazing thing was that as devoted as we are to our respective teams; the Christmas Spirit was also abundantly evident in how we all gave each other that which meant something to the recipient even though it was a little against our own preferred favorite team. Green Bay did win the SuperBowl and I was proud of them and delighted, but not anywhere as much as I was this past Christmas of my family, when giving from the heart is always more of a win! The blessed life.

Christmas Spirit!

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Kim said...

It's good to see you posting again, my friend! First, I have to tell you, you look fabulous!!

Second, I understand your frustration with finding a good church. It's no fun searching. I hope you find just the right one for you.

You are so very welcome! (with respect to the birthday gifts) Maybe for your next birthday I could give you some other fun circles to use behind those. There are quite a few choices to pick from.

Your card is lovely! So warm and sweet. I'm sure it and the yummy-looking cookies were well received. Such a loving gesture!

So good to see you here, Teresa! You've been missed!