Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let your love shine.

When we were in the market to buy a house here we contacted a couple that work as a team. They turned out to be trustworthy people to do business with and completely lovely people to get to know. After going through a few houses together we discovered that we shared something; we all love Scottish Terriers. They had two, Mac and Molly. We often talked about Mac, Molly and Baxter. A while back I got the most heart breaking email from them. They lost their 12 year old Scottie Molly to stomach cancer. I was so sad; that email really broke my heart. Obviously, there was nothing I could do so I pulled out some paper, a stamp, some ribbon my Cuttlebug, new Nestabilities and ink, and made a card. Somehow that always makes me feel as if I have contributed something positive in the life of those grieving.
This is not the first sympathy card I have sent for a Scottie.  In February 2007 a wonderful little Scottie boy named Duncan passed away. He belonged to two of our friends in Shawnee, Kansas. this is the card I made for them.
I realize that I am talking about fur family and not traditional family, but the loss of someone we love is painful. The absence of a loved one leaves a really big hole in our heart, one that can never be replaced because everyone, including our furry friends, are unique, irreplaceable. I could go into a little talk here about how God meets all of our needs, and He does. I could talk about how He mends the broken hearted, and He does. I could talk about putting our trust in Him, and better advice is not to be found. I could mention how much He loves us and His love and mercy endure forever, and He does and it does. But what I want to say right here, right now is don't take those you love for granted. Show them you love them and make sure they know it. Don't squabble over little things that when they become strife can open the door for all sorts of nastiness and evil. Give love freely and unconditionally. Never let those you love have to wonder whether you love them or not, give them the gift of confidence in your unconditional agape love (the kind of love God has) for them.


Kim said...

Amen and amen. Good to see a new post! Love the cards!

Teresa said...
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Teresa said...

Thank you, Kim. This one was in my "drafts", I just put the last paragraph on and posted it. Felt good. Thank you SO much for fixing my sidebar glitch. You could do that from home and make some serious cash my dear!!! After you teach me maybe I will do that. Talk to you tonight!