Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Random cards I thought I would share.

I don't plan to post cards much, but I have made a few in the last year I thought I would put on here.

You have seen a version of this one before. My friend Kim made one like this for my birthday and I posted it last April. Okay, she did not make one like this one, I designed this card off of her beautiful card. It was fun to make, one of my favorites.

This card was also so much fun to make. I felt like I was playing, sort of how I loved coloring as a kid.

This little poem came to me in an instant. I had started this card but was not even thinking about it when this popped in my head. It is a bit of a spin off of a nursery rhyme that one of the recepients of this card loved when she was a little girl.

This card was so much fun. One of my favorite color combinations and so Sweet!

Sometimes you just have to stop and say a simple thank you to someone that has shown you love.

A small gift for a dear woman going through a horrible time and would be sending some Thank You cards.

And then a special card just for her went with the Thank You cards.

Just a grace note.

Simple but great message, such sweet words, Bee Happy!


Kim said...

Wow, girl! Your card making skillz have gone through the roof! Love them all! You make me want to stamp again! Okay, enough exclamation points! lol

Kim said...

Teresa, you inspired me to open my stamp blog up again. Thanks! Love to ya!

luvthatstampin said...

Beautiful cards. I love that monkey card!