Monday, October 7, 2013

Aldi Addendum

   Yesterday evening, Sunday, my husband mentioned that I should go to Aldi and see the other pumpkin items he saw when he was there last week. I was going to go buy bottled water anyway, so Aldi's it was. I will not promise to never mention Aldi again because I know they have truly scrumptious gourmet foods throughout the holidays, particularly Christmas which is quickly on its way. This will however not be an ongoing series here at Honeycomb Cottage, its just that their selection of pumpkin groceries is well worth mentioning. So with a minimum of editorial comment I will give you a pictorial summary of what I saw this evening.

Pancake & Waffle Mix $2.49  ~  Pasta Sauce $2.49

Iced Latte $1.19

Dry Coffee Creamer $2.29  ~  Coffee $4.99

Bread Mix $1.49  ~  Pizelle's  $2.99


Last one in the store!  $1.99

Coffee Creamer $2.29

Cheesecake $7.99  ~  Pie $6.99

Ravioli $2.49

$2.49 each

The following are not pumpkin products but certainly looked good and seemed fitting for this post.

I do not remember the price on this Cider.

Kraft Caramels $1.89

   Done with buying the water and few other items and on our way home. We live fairly close to the Aldi's we shop at but the ride home, especially if it is evening is always nice. We have deer in our neighborhood that roam freely and in large number.

Shortly after leaving the store we see this beautiful creature. It is near impossible to see but there is a large buck in those trees.

One of the quaint features of this house we pass that I like.

The next street over from us and always decorated nicely.

Across and down the street.

Still across and the down the street.

One yard over from the 2 piccies above.

    Home and now it is time to gear up for the week.

My three pumpkin items this trip.

Not too strong or spicy ~ just delicate and yummy!

Since I am posting this the next evening, Monday, I will add a few updates.
   Those pumpkins were large but the pickings were slim and picked over. I went back today and they had a new and full tote of beautiful large pumpkins of which seven of them now rest adorning my front porch and steps. A few more updates here. I did snag the Pumpkin Pizzelle's and Pumpkin Bread Mix while there today. Also, I discovered today the Pumpkin Ravioli is great with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on it. You could put butter on them and let it melt before sprinkling the cinnamon sugar on but there is no need to ~ they are GREAT. Prepared this way this Ravioli would be outstanding served with a good sage sausage, my choice is always Jimmy Dean, and apple cider ~ cold or mulled. I have a traditional Christmas breakfast. Thanksgiving however tends to be muffins and sausage, bagels and fruit or just oatmeal. I think this year it will be this Ravioli, sausage and cider. I may try a tweaked version of the serving suggestion on the bag for the next lunch or supper meal I want to make these. They recommend a Browned Butter Sauce using 1 stick of butter and 10 ~ 12 sage leaves, melting the butter, adding the sage leaves cooking on medium~low heat for 2 ~ 3 minutes just until the butter begins to brown, then remove, set aside and drizzle over Ravioli once prepared. The last update is that while there last night I missed a few items. I did not take piccies of them today, but I will list them for you.

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream   1.5 quarts   $2.89
L'oven Fresh (Aldi's baked goods brand) Pumpkin Cream Cheese Crème Cake   20 ounce   $2.99
Frozen Pumpkin Spice Waffles   9.8 ounce   $1.49
Pumpkin Spice Cookie Mix   17.5 ounces   $1.69

If you go to an Aldi grocery and try any of the pumpkin food items, I would love to hear how you liked them.

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Kim said...

Holy smokes! Look at all the yummies! Thursday is errand day and I'll get Robert to bring some of those goodies home to try! The salsa was really unusual! They certainly are creative at ALDI!

Oh, my, the deer! We rarely see them around here. Now squirrels and chipmunks we have in abundance!