Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our Wedding Anniversary this year.

   Next year will be our 25th wedding anniversary, and it will be absolutely great. This year was great on a smaller scale. Jon and I love the water and while he likes good fish, it is my favorite food. Okay, I have others I really enjoy like seafood, curries, pumpkin, peach, apricot and good quality sausage comestibles, but when I dine out; it's something out of the water.

    I can't describe this little fish house diner without referring to a line in the movie Steel Magnolia's. If you saw that movie you might remember Truvy (Dolly Parton), saying about her son and his girlfriend, "Louie brought his new girlfriend over, and the nicest thing I can say about her is all her tattoos are spelled correctly.”  That line jumped in my head when I walked through the doors. The men must have ancestry from the seafaring pirates and their smuggling industry. They have a great little business there and they are very good at it. I was so pleased to find they were very nice and seemed to be passionate about the food they served. Jon and I agreed our meal was delicious. All of the fish is fresh, and I mean fresh. I highly recommend this little fish house to anyone going through town. I am inserting a YouTube video about this great little place we found. It is a good little video and I hope you watch it.

   I usually take pictures and do not have my picture taken. This is one Jon grabbed. It was quite sunny so that is as good as it gets.

   We had  the walleye sandwich with fries. I am a huge walleye fan and this sandwich was the best walleye I have ever had. The next time I am there I will order just the walleye meal, skip the bun. Although, that bun was very soft and full of fresh flavor. That was a pleasant surprise that was not expected. I am however not a big fan of french fries, but these were great. Yep, next time it is just the fish and chips for me. There will be a next time, we will go next year and I am sure more than once.

   Jon and I both love water. We have talked about living close to water since that evening at
Kemil Beach in the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore on Lake Michigan 24 years ago when he asked me to marry him. This is Lake Erie. Lake Erie has a much different feel to it than Lake Michigan. This lake has very little sandy beach area and is primarily rocky on its coast. But water, large bodies of water whether they be fresh or salt water are in my opinion one of this earths greatest providers of pleasure and peace. I spent much of my childhood in Japan and the eastern coast of, Maryland. Most of my adult life has been by Lake Michigan. I never tire of the water. I am always overwhelmed by its power and majesty. I like Wallace Steven's quote, “Human nature is like water. It takes the shape of its container.”  When I am by water I become the best version of myself because I know God's love for me is more vast and powerful than all the earth's water harnessed. In fact, He created the water for me. When I stand and take in its awesome wonder I realize my potential is limited to what I give myself to; and I gave my self to God.... the God of this universe that with a few words created that water. What could He do with me if I showed unrestrained courage and operated in unwavering faith?

   I thought this was nice. We were there to celebrate the day we were married, September 22, 1989; Sandusky helped us commemorate that. This clock keeps perfect time and the date is changed everyday. 

   This picture does not do justice to how lovely this raised floral garden with fountain and statue really is. I like how it is perfectly placed lining up with the county courthouse.

   This is a close up of the statue of the boy with the leaking boot. Apparently, there are several of these around the country and here is a little history on that if you would care to read it.

Sandusky, Ohio

   Having had a satisfying lunch we set about driving over the Edison bridge to, Port Clinton.

   Water and fish make a perfect day for us.

   Sigh, swoon, dream.

   Repeat above sentiment........ and dream some more.

   Heading back over the bridge.

   Thank you for joining me on this little trip. It was a wonderful and peaceful day. Where do you like to spend a day to truly enjoy yourself? Where do you go to feel like the best version of yourself?

235 East Shoreline Drive
Sandusky, OH 44870
(419) 621-8263


Kim said...

You look mahhhvelous, my dear! Thanks for sharing your anniversary adventure. Have you ever thought of living on a houseboat?

I'm happiest in a cottage-y place near a running brook or any body of water, really. I'm with you on being near water. Love it!

Teresa said...

Thank you. Kim, did you see The Magic of Belle Isle? The lake that was filmed at is a 9-10 mile lake that stretches into the Village of Greenwood Lake, New York and West Milford, New Jersey. Jon and I would both love to live there, or somewhere like it that is no further south than that point and if any distance at all, not much further west either. YES! We have talked about a house boat, seriously. It always comes down to where would I put my dishes, sewing, card making inventory, Baxter's grooming equipment and both of our books? :-) Maybe someday you and hubs and Jon and I will live near water.