Monday, March 17, 2014

My pieces of Gold this Saint Patrick's Day!

  Today is day of wearing green, parades, great Irish food, dancing, fun and often some Leprechaun mischief. This day however started out honoring a man that was a missionary to, and a bishop of, Ireland. He was canonized a saint and became the  primary patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick.  This Scottish man’s love for God that was so deep he forgave the Irish Raiders that imprisoned Him, and then took Jesus to their country, Ireland. We do not know when he was born exactly, but it is well recorded that he died on March 17, 461 AD.

Pinterest treat I found, so cute.

   I had been on Pinterest and stumbled onto this cute little treat. I liked the idea and decided to make it for my grandchildren. I did not have the plastic pretzel sleeves and not a lot of time to go where they might have them, so to my grandchildren’s advantage I used treat bags. More sweet treats there! I had fun making these and thought I would share them. For the treats I made the gold is Rolo and milk chocolate Gold Coins, the clouds are miniature white marshmallows, and the rainbows are Fruit Slices.

You can always click a photo to enlarge it.

Gift tags! And a great excuse to get a little stamping in!

The stuff that brings the word Treats into these little gifts.

The Gold!

Depositing the Gold in the bags.

Punching out circles for a little platform between the gold and clouds.

Clouds in.

So far nibbling has not been a problem, but here come those fruit slices!!!

Rainbows in.

All tied up.
Labels attached with ribbon.

A little note from, Nana.

Off to Post!

   On the back of each label I wrote, “name”,  At the end of the rainbow, behind the clouds ~ you are a piece of my Pot of Gold! Nana.  I love putting things together like that for them! You can see the note I sent them by going here. I hope your Saint Patrick’s Day is going well and full of fun!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!


Unknown said...

Well, I know my girls absolutely LOVED them! They think they have the coolest Nana!!!! I agree!

Kim said...

You're an awesome grandma!

Teresa said...

Thank you, Kim. It comes with having awesome grand children!