Thursday, May 15, 2014

Embrace who God created YOU to be!!!

   I have never done a post that the whole purpose was to send you to a blog post of another blogger. I am very excited to tell you that is exactly what this post is meant to do. My mother died with the music in her, literally. Graveyards are so full of potential that could have been a blessing to others, and beautiful life for the one now gone. I determined years ago I would not let that be the case with me. However, though I have gone back to school and done well, I essentially am doing just that. The woman that penned this article also recommended people read Crash the Chatterbox, written by Steven Furtick. I have that book and am reading it. So far it is a great read, and I suspect will prove to be life changing for me personally.

   This article I am sharing with you here is the most practical and encouraging reading I have done in, well,  I can not remember how long. The points this author shares from her heart need to be applied to our lives. God created each of us with specific gifts, talents and purpose. We are each unique and need to follow the Holy Spirit in how we live of lives. We need to know what our gifts, talents and purpose are, and operate in them, and do so unapologetically. I can not preach that sermon because I am on a journey to discover those things. That journey is causing me to break those rigid molds that have constrained me. Crash the Chatterbox is helping me with that! The blog post I share with you here is not about that book, but it dovetails so I shared it with you.

   Thank you, Jennifer! Your article is amazing and I am going to share it here.


Unknown said...

I love this! The idea of not conforming but rather running your business and yiur life the way that suits you is a novel idea...but a great one! Thank you for sharing!

Teresa said...

I agree! I think we need to seek God and see what gifts, talents and purpose He put into our lives, and then operate that way and take our life out for the biggest JOY ride EVER!!