Friday, July 4, 2014

We are blessed this 4th of July!

   Happy 4th of July!! There is plenty of "God Bless America" being said today. I would like to offer a thought here. God has blessed America from her very beginning. We were founded by godly men on godly principles. Because of that God has continued to bless this country in spite of the ungodly legislation that is not just introduced but passed, in spite of ungodly material that blasts the television, movies and internet American's call entertainment, and the watering down of the Word of God in churches to attract attendance. My thought is, how about this, "Thank You Father for blessing our nation, thank You for Your faithfulness, and 'America Bless God!'"?

Photo was taken from the facebook page of Mary Lauber, the worlds best Scottie photographer, ever!


Kim said...

At first I thought you had gotten another Scottie! Happy 4th! We truly are blessed in this country!

Teresa said...

We have talked about a new Scottie for the family, but I don't see that happening. We have even discussed a Golden Retriever or Golden~Doodle. Those two Scots are Gillis and Gordy of Shawnee, Kansas.