Saturday, November 5, 2016

Guy Fawkes Night of Thanksgiving at The Chapel

   A dear friend of mine sent me this photo of Guy Fawkes night being celebrated in Reading, England at their Chapel.

   Guy Fawkes Day/Night commemorates the unsuccessful attempt by a group English Catholics to assassinate Protestant King James l of England. Though this attempted plan seemingly had the savvy to succeed, it failed. Guy Fawkes, a part of this plan and the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, was caught guarding the explosive matter positioned to kill the king on November 5, 1605. January of 1606 those involved and arrested were to be executed. Days before they were, a member of Parliament, Edward Montagu, proposed that there be a day set aside to give thanks for God’s intervention and deliverance from harm to King James l. This has been a celebration of England’s giving thanks ever since. The Church of England still uses the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. A form of service was written just for Guy Fawkes Day. The saving of the King was huge, and to this day they use that prayer service as Thanksgiving on November 5.

   We are headed for our Thanksgiving here in the USA. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, not because the food is so wonderful, but that is a day to thank God for all the blessing He gave us through His Son. All good things come from God. I think we should do Thanksgiving days throughout the year. I say Well done!, England for your diligence in thanking God for your King’s deliverance!

For any history buffs or any other Anglophile’s reading this, here is a link to that Book of Prayer’s Fifth Day of November Prayer.

   Here is a link to a blog I have enjoyed whose author is English and now lives in, and is a citizen of the USA. This link gives a wonderful account of Guy Fawkes Night from her perspective.

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