Monday, December 12, 2016

Focusing on the wondrous works of God!

   Yesterday evening Jon and I were leaving for the hospital to visit a friend of his that is in a coma. Last week he was recovering from a massive heart attack and subsequent triple by-pass, and was up talking with us and doing well. He was released. On his way home he suffered another heart attack. He is in a coma, but responded to Jon's voice. They are hopeful. The world views hopeful as wishin' for the best. As a Christian I view hope as confident expectation to see God's Word manifest. I do not concern myself with the "percentages" or "prognosis". My part is to stand on what God has promised, believe that, and not waiver. I don't mix fear and what I see in with the hope I have in my faith in God. (Waiver here: there are factors that involve the person that can usher in or quell those promises.)

   When we were leaving yesterday, I looked up to see yet one more beautiful Oklahoma sky. I was reminded of God’s mercy that endures forever, and the power of His faithfulness, goodness and love. While reading in Psalm 119 this morning I remembered those clouds and how truly awesome our God is. I thought I would share the clouds and the verse that touched me just now.

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