Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Celebrate friendships and simplicity!

I have three cards that I want to get done this week. I decided I would do this one first. I know there are very talented card makers out there that can throw papers together and make them sing. I am not sure I will ever be one of them. I know putting lots of different designs together is getting to be popular, but I guess it just isn't my favorite look. I love color! I love color muted, bold, rich, earthy, done in compliments, done in contrasts... I really love color. But, I don't really love a lot of different design together. I don't like it in clothing, my home, art and not on small areas like cards. It just is not me. Color and clutter are two different things for me. So, to attempt a card using different patterns is not easy. It just doesn't come naturally. It has been said that if I had been tested as a child for ADD... I'd have definitely been positive. Maybe that is all a part of not liking busy, especially overly busy design.

Anyway, I thought I would venture out on this card and give it a shot. Looking at the finished product I can not believe how little I ventured out with mixing the paper up. While assembling this card, I felt like it was a hodge podge mess. It is not as bad as I had anticipated, but I am still uncomfortable with a whole bunch of wacky design together thing. I just like simple. :-)

This card is for my girlfriend that I should honestly buy a set of pom-poms for, for Christmas. She is my biggest encourager when it comes to card making. She loves color, art and has a great eye for style. She has since I've known her.... elementary school... YIKES!! Anyway, she was a safe place to try this because if there is a nugget of good in the mess, she'll see it and not hesitate to say so. There is the extremely honest side of her that will shed light on the whole of it of course. Oh well, the enjoyment I got out of making this card is that it will be going to her.


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