Monday, January 7, 2013

New Beginnings

UPDATE:  Please feel free to read this post. I have however decided I really don't want to leave Honeycomb Cottage parked and gathering dust in cyber space. I will not be using the blog referred to at the end of this post I wrote back in January 2013. I pen this on September 19, 2013, and plan to stay right here where I was for over six years. This feels like home. The other blog I created and worked part of this year never felt like home. I have transferred the posts I did there over here. It is so good to be back, and thank you for stopping by, and I hope you visit often!   

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but aside from a few changes I made to this blog a few years ago I really don’t make changes here. I am like that in general; I hold out until I have something  the way I want it before I make any changes. I just don’t do fickle well and there are things that I do that require research and focus which make it all the easier to just get things where I want them and then leave them alone. Well, that is about to well, change, here at least.

   I started this blog as a result of searching for creative cards ideas. It was then I discovered Kim and her wonderfully fresh and candid blog. I related to her and now am thrilled to say we are friends. I enjoyed teaching Sunday School and Bible Studies so I thought a blog might be a good way to share things I was learning in my walk with, God. So April 2007 I finally stepped out and began blogging. I read and enjoyed other blogs and met many lovely people, two I now have as dear friends. I began to share card making, family events, my dog, book reviews, cake decorating, baking, recipes, nutritional tid~bits... and the list goes on, oh and occasionally some of my walk with God and/or just Bible. Through the years I have enjoyed this blog and certainly enjoyed those I follow. However, I always felt I was not using Honeycomb the way I should have; sharing Jesus and my walk with God.

   In the last few weeks I pondered that very thing that wore on me. I decided to start using Honeycomb Cottage at the beginning of the year as a way to share those things and only share the odd card, quiche, cake and all the rest as the exception and not the common post. So I began doing just that on January 1.

   I have done Facebook as a way to see pictures of my grand children and stay in touch with a few friends I do not live close to. I am not an avid poster there, but do like to see what friends are doing. Facebook is becoming a privacy nightmare laced with tons of ridiculous “apps”. I have considered shutting it down and have decided to whittle it WAY back with the definite eye on shutting down soon. So I decide to take a dormant Google+ account my husband talked me into some time ago and make it more active. I can keep in touch there with friends without the hype and vulnerability Facebook brings with it. I stumbled into “Photos” and found tons of photos already in that Google+ account. I had no idea how that happened and really did not care; they did not need to be there so I deleted them. Now I go to this blog and notice what you no doubt noticed as soon as you landed on this page. NO PICCIES!!!!  I do a little research only to discover all those piccies we post, at least on Blogger, go to some Picasaweb thingy I never signed up for. When I deleted them in Google+ they all went away out of that Picasa thing and automatically deleted them for this blog. Yep! The piccies I posted for five and a half years, gone. And so I am, basically. I have all of those photos in my iPhoto, but I am not reconstructing them here. So, since I really had been leaning toward just starting a new blog and doing the odd cake, card and such post here ~ that is precisely what I have done.

   I will continue to follow those blogs I enjoy so much through Honeycomb Cottage. And I might post an odd card, recipe or family event here, but my focus will be the new blog, just as my focus would have been about Jesus and my walk with God here had I maintained this as my only blog.

Please visit me at Living life loving, God.

Be blessed, 

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Barbara said...

Hi! Nice to see you blogging again Teresa.
Shame you did not know that Picasa is where google stores our blog photos. Delete from there and you have lost them.
Google stores 1Gb free then after that one pays $5 a year subscription for 20 Gb which is LOTS. Worth it I think as you then know you will never lose your pics. Thanks for your visit and comment.