Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cute Chick is smart cookie!

This is Isabella.... we all call her, Belle. She is my granddaughter. When her mom was growing up she had a friend named, Jessie. Jessie has always been very smart, very pretty, very talented and loved to perform. That is exactly was this little chickie is like. Smart, pretty, talented and loves the limelight. She shines in it!

These pictures are from her musical/play that was performed at the end of this school year. As if this weren't enough of a performance... the real performance was her day to day diligence throughout the school year. She won the music and gym award for the year. And, it did not stop there. Next year, Belle is going to be involved in the gifted and talented program. She was on the Principal's Honor Roll. None of us were shocked... but oh my are we ever so proud! More Nana pride? You'd better believe it!!

I am so very proud of all of my grandchildren... aren't we all? But just for today I wanted to honor, Belle. Congratulations!!! Belly Boop!

You know though...... I was wondering if the musical next year could be with a Caribbean theme. Perhaps then, Belle could be a Flamingo. Wouldn't the pink be nice on this blog?? :-)

Thanks for being you, Belle!

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