Monday, June 11, 2007

Strawberry Tea........ delicious!

I have a grand daughter that likes to have teas. And, she loves pink. Great kid! When she had her Strawberry Shortcake birthday party, I looked everywhere for Strawberry tea. I have looked on and off for some time now for it. I can make great Iced Strawberry Tea by using strawberry puree. But, I've wanted Strawberry tea for hot tea so she could use the little dainty pink teacups. I would have gladly gone with loose tea. Today, I nearly gave a little shout in the coffee and tea isle of my local grocery. There it was in the prettiest box no less. I bought it to give to my grand daughter. I opened it tonight to do a little taste test. This box will never last until I get it to her. I will be getting another new box just for her.... 'cause this one is going to be long gone before I get out there in a couple of weeks to see her!

This Tropic of Strawberry tea is a new herbal tea of Celestial Seasonings. It is one of two. The other is, Acai Mango Zinger. I have one word for this Tropic of Strawberry tea.

Try it... I think you will really like it. :-)


Tea Party Girl said...
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Tea Party Girl said...

Ah, yes, tea and grandchildren go together so well. I see you read the Partea Planner~I love her!

There are many loose-leaf strawberry teas if you ever want us to find you one.