Sunday, June 10, 2007


Throughout my blog I refer to "Kim" and her website named, "nuttnhoney". By linking over to "" you have had the opportunity to go to her homemaking "coffeeandamuffin" blogspot, and her other blog, "The Occasional Stamper". A short while ago, Kim shut down her stamping blog and as of this morning, "coffeeandamuffin" is gone. If you never got over there, you missed something. And, I will among others, miss her blogging. But, like everyone else I wish her the best in everything she is now pursuing. God's best to you, Kim! :-)

Now, if you are so inclined you can still go to her website. She will leave that open until, June 30th. I highly recommend you stop by and spend some time there. Great gardening, meal planning, bulk cooking, frugal living tips and recipes are available there. And, if you are a rubber stamping, card making fan........ you really should look at her galleries and tutorials. They are AMAZING!

I will leave the link to her website on my list of blog links until, June 30th.


Kim said...

*sniff sniff* You're making me sad with all this reminiscing, Teresa! Change is hard, but sometimes it's just gotta happen, kwim? Did you see that someone else already snatched up my old Coffee and a Muffin blog address?? Now it's REALLY official! All those subscribed to my now-deceased blog on Bloglines are now subscribed to someone else's blog without knowing it. Isn't that wild??

Teresa said...

Yes! I saw the "Lazy Morning" blog that is going by "coffeeandamuffin". They have two other blogs too, and none of them have anything posted. It just felt so wrong. You will ALWAYS be "coffeeandamuffin". I miss you, but I am happy for your new freedom. Wow! is it good to hear from you. I did not want to interrupt your quiet with e-mails. I want to respect your space... I do respect your space. And, I certainly don't want you to be sad. I loved your blog and I began to care deeply and love you through it. All good. Be happy!

I still get on nuttnhoney... hum kinda hope nobody snags that one. Its cute though... won't be surprised if they do. I am boning up on my history, Declaration of Independence and the like. We are facing a big election and I just want to remind myself of who we are supposed to be. Anyway, I got on your Home Schooling links. Still givin' you are missy Kim,... tanks!

Kim said...

Believe it or not, my site was snatched up, too! It must be God's confirmation to me that I am NOT to look back! But it's hard not to sometimes. Yep, there are those pangs of regret I knew I'd have.

The big site will not be snatched up anytime soon. I'm not going to give up the domain name just yet. It's only $10 a year to keep it.

Feel free to disrupt my quiet with emails! Do you like cakes? I've got a recipe of my grandmother's I'll share if you're innerested. :) ((hugs))