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Ruth Bell Graham

Ruth Bell Graham
June 10, 1920 ~ June 14, 2007 Thank you Ruth, for who you are and what you left us!I must say that I do not remember not knowing the name, Billy Graham. Billy Graham's Crusades were on our radio and television as far back as I can remember, and we never missed one if it was available to us. He was an evangelist sent to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ, to those that had not made Him their Savior. But like us, Christians around the world for five decades enjoyed listening to the good Word he preached. There was always good teaching for those who knew Jesus as their Savior, as well. In addition to Crusades, my grandmother had his books around. My mother had his books around. And, I have always had his books around. We have given them as gifts and spent time discussing them. They read them, and so do I. Then one wonderful day, a man named Franklin Graham, hit the scene as did his book, Rebel With a Cause. I loved this book. I related to Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham. He was wild, fearless and in his own world. Then after a short conversation with his father somewhere between New York and Washington D.C. (I believe... I will double check that) his conscience was pricked and very soon after Franklin gave his heart and entire life to Jesus. Being an all or nothing kinda guy, he turned everything around and now heads a ministry he founded and that I favor, Samaritan's Purse, as well as his father's ministry, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. My family always loved Billy Graham, so did and do I. Presidents and foreign heads of state have asked for his counsel and he has been timely changer of the complexion of this world for over half a decade. But, Franklin??? What a character! I was so excited about his book because it meant that it looked like there would be a Billy Graham for my generation. And indeed, that has turned out to be the case.

But, let me tell you what was woven into the fiber of that book of Franklin Graham's; the son of the very famous and wonderful evangelist, Billy Graham. There inside those pages was his mom,
Ruth Bell Graham. There was the great woman behind the man. She made Billy Graham's ministry possible and was the one that shaped the lives of their five children. I gleaned some wonderful faith, strength and a few good tips about raising children from, Rebel With a Cause. I do not think that was Franklin's intent in writing that book, but it was a valuable perk.

Ruth Bell Graham, was the quiet force in that home. Her Lord was the power, peace and direction. And that is where she got hers.
A great woman left this side of glory less than an hour ago. Oh, what is she doing now? Singing? Dancing? Worshipping? Laughing? I am sure of it. Please take a moment and read this obituary about this extraordinarily lovely woman. This slideshow memorial will give you a really good look at who Ruth Bell Graham was. I urge you to take a moment and watch it.

There have been two good biographies (probably more) about her that I am aware of . Ruth Bell Graham: Celebrating an Extraordinary Life is one of them. And, another one that was penned by Patricia Cornwell, the contemporary crime novel author.

Ms. Cornwell gives Ruth Graham, a hand in the credit for the forming of her career. The title of that
biography is, Ruth, A Portrait: The Story of Ruth Bell Graham. Take some time and read these books. Only through the written word have I gotten to know, respect and love this woman for who she was and what she has left us. Heaven, as if there weren't enough beautiful perks there, just welcomed home one more. I look forward to meeting this virtuous, excellent, and blessed woman among women one day when I step over into glory.

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