Thursday, June 21, 2007

Update on: Scones a second time.

First, I just want to say the Lemonade Scones reheat very nicely the following morning. Test passed, beautifully! And now, I need to get walking to get this scone testing off of my body.

Second thing I want to say is: I got the information about that Geranium story. I had searched before, but today was the day of success. The title is, "The Magic Geranium". The author is, Jane Thayer. The book is titled Read-Aloud Funny Stories, by Jane Thayer. It was published in, 1958. Did I not say earlier that some really great things came out of 1958? ;-) See my Father's Day Cards, post.... scroll down to the beautiful classic cars. When I finally was able to get an image of the book it rang familiar. I think this is it. eBay had one, that is where I got the image from, but the auction had ended. I will continue to look for this book. If anyone has any leads I would be very interested in hearing them, and appreciative. :-)

Have a great day!!!!!!


Altoid said...

:)))) Hey Theresa

NOW you've told me something I didnt know. I have to lay my hands on this book at Amazon right away. Awesome!

Hey you do know- great minds think alike right?

Have a good weekend!


Kelli said...

I'm glad you found the author of the story! There are several used book sellers selling them on
The lemonade scones look delicious, what a nice summertime treat!

Trish D said...

If you know the ISBN of the book, then do a search at

I've been able to hunt down several out of print books through that great site.

Teresa said...

Thank you for the advice on locating this book. Trish, I've never heard of Thanks. I have no doubt that I will use that as I am always looking for older books it seems.

So you all know, last week I found the book on Amazon and I ordered it!! It should be here any day. I am SO excited. It's been 40 years since I've seen the book. Whenever it gets here, the following Friday, it's going to Kelli at There's no place like home, for her Show and Tell Friday.