Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sweet Sunday's.

I love Sundays. Jon and I have gotten to the point that although we go to church, Sunday's are a day of rest for us. Typically, if it isn't done, it is not getting done on Sunday... it'll wait. We have spent years using Sunday afternoon to get those ever so important things done so that we can venture into Monday with less stress. Oh yeah... like that ever worked. Monday's had the weight and stress of Friday, squared. God's Word is clear on rest and taking a day for just that. Eventually, Jon and I got the idea. If God thought it was enough of a good idea for man to rest that He would not only put it in His Word... several times, but that He would model it for us Himself.......... maybe we should give it a whirl. Like all other obedience to the Lord, it had tremendously wonderful results.

Well, today we took the rest thing to the edge and then went right on over the responsible routine cliff. We slept in late enough that getting to church on time was impossible. Think watching a movie until nearly 2:00 a.m. had anything to do with that?? The way I saw it was that we had two options. There was no way to get even semi ready and make it on time... so that was not on the option list. The options were be grouchy and irritated because we'd blown church (my Pastor is a great teacher and gives really good stuff to live by and so I really don't like missing)... or go with the flow, shake it off, make the most of it and enjoy the rest of the morning, and not let the enemy steal my joy. I opted for the latter.

I got a taste (no pun intended) this morning of why unchurched folks don't mind missing church. It is so relaxing and peaceful to take a slow Sunday morning pace and just kick back and enjoy the time. I'll bet that old saying, "Sunday afternoon driver" got its start in that very setting. Maybe I should have titled this post, "Sweet & Slow Sunday's". So just what do you do when you are "skipping" church? What any Brit wanna be would do. Make scones!!, tea, coffee for anyone preferring it, get out the lemon curd, black raspberry spreadable fruit and some whipped cream cheese (fresh out of Devonshire cream and wasn't gonna complicate the morning by running to the store). Yum!! currant scones. Did I say, YUM!!? I have been trying to develop a scone recipe that would meet British approval. I have to say, most that I have had don't do that, and in fact are really pretty dry, heavy and tasteless. Scones I have gotten usually taste like poorly made biscuit mix biscuits, at best. I managed to make a really decent scone several years ago, but it was never too great a few hours old. The ones I made this morning actually held up to the test of time. They were better first thing out of the oven, but by the end of the day they were still moist, flaky and flavorful. I may have finally gotten my basic scone recipe where I want it. Now, for some branching out! I'll not be oversleeping on Sunday's however to venture down Specialty Scone Lane. Please forgive me for not offering a recipe here, I have been contemplating a business that might include a little baking.

A little later, my youngest daughter called and we had a wonderful chat. I will be seeing her and her children soon. It's been way too long (she lives in Texas) and I am very excited about that. While I was putting the scones together, Jon watched and I listened to a sermon preached by one of our favorite preachers (also in Texas). The sermon was on love and how important it is to "walk" in love. It was a great sermon.

Lessons from today: Keep your joy! Diligently pursue goals. Walk in love, always. And, get to bed at a decent hour!

God bless... and good night.

P.S. The scones became moist and flaky on the inside, slightly tender crisp on the outside, and all of the original flavor returned when I heated them up the next morning in a high oven for a few minutes. I am very excited about this. \o/ I think we have a winner here.

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