Monday, June 18, 2007

Ruth Graham's Final Earthly Home

I brought glory to you here on earth by completing the work
you gave me to do.
John 17:4 (NLT)

Ruth Graham, was laid to rest yesterday. I thought this article was very interesting and wanted to share it with anyone that would care to read it. It always blesses me when I read about this family. They are humans and so not perfect. But oh, for my family to just be so human.

It won’t be long-
the sun is slowly
slipping out of sight;
lengthening shadows

deepen into dusk;

still winds whisper;

all is quiet’

it won’t be long-

-til night.

It won’t be long-

the tired eyes close;

her strength nearly gone;

frail hands that

ministered to many

lie quiet, still;

Light from another world!
Look up, bereaved!

It won’t be long
-till Dawn!

Ruth Bell Graham

Ruth Bell Graham’s Collected Poems
by Ruth Bell Graham,
1977, 1992, 1997 Ruth Bell Graham,
Baker Books, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

UPDATE:  November 8, 2013   As I look back today to  see look at the two article links above I discovered they were no longer available. 

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Miss Eagle said...

Teresa, this is a beautiful poem. I will print it out and take it along to a new group that is forming in our church. Two of us who are widows have got together and next Monday we are holding a meeting to establish a support group for widow and widowers (definitely not a matchmaking group!) We think the loss of a spouse is a unique experience and there is a lot not readily understood by others who have not shared such an experience. It has become clear to Phyllis (the other woman doing this with me) and I that there is a need to support others. We hope it will become established and can be useful to people and that people from outside the church can be invited into the group - thus taking a community involved church even further into the community. On second thoughts, I might make a nice laminated card with the poem written in calligraphy.