Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Abiding... a great way to live!

This morning is a bit different than most. Usually, my three girls and their families have regular routines, and everyday is organized and without event. NOT today! For starters, my youngest daughter has her mother-in-law visiting. They live over 1,100 miles from each other and visits aren't real frequent. My daughter is really glad she is there. Our grandchildren adore her and they have all missed seeing her. It's all good there, except my son-in-law's mother is facing some potentially dangerous medical issues right now, and is waiting for some testing results. On top of which that son-in-law is in the field right now training as he is slated to go back to Iraq, this summer. He will be back tonight and some order will be restored. His mom will be glad to see him.

My middle (she really dislikes that phrase) daughter, is driving with her two girls and husband over 1,400 hundred miles right now from their home to the southern part of, Florida. Middle son-in-law's grandfather just died. On top of which they have been driving through torrents of rain.. they may being coming out of that by now.

My oldest daughter's little girl, who is just four years old, is probably coming out of surgery right about now. It was scheduled, not an emergency, but being an R.N. my daughter is uncomfortable with the full anesthiesa. So, grand daughter in surgery, daughter pacing & wringing her hands. That is her picture attached to this post. Is she not adorable??? Yep! That is good old fashioned Nana pride. I need a sweatshirt that says that... humm.

And least of all but still important, my husband and I are making life altering decisions (non-medical) this week. The point of this blog entry you ask. I guess I wanted to share something I've been seeing in myself, but it is SO wonderfully evident this morning.

Abiding. It means to endure without yielding, to bear patiently, to remain stable or fixed in a state, to continue in a place. Last year, I studied John 15:1-8. I already had an understaning about how to hope for something, how to have faith in God for what I was hoping for, and that His Word, the Bible was my foundation for both. But last year, I began a journey that changed my life. Abiding. When you study out John 15:1-8, you can't help but discover how nurturing (pay close attention to how a vinedresser tends his vines and grapes) and good God is. I've been learning how to rest and live under the wings of, and in the armor of God's protection. It's almost too simple. You simply trust God because you can. It is easier to trust someone you know rather than a stranger. You just spend time getting to know Him, and trusting Him becomes easy enough that you don't mess around with all the doubts and fears out there. This morning is definately one of those challenging and potentially troubling mornings. A morning that would have set me right over the edge at one time. But, the peace and joy I have this morning overshadows that. Peace and joy are fruits I welcome! God is SO good and SO faithful. He has really been good to my family... and this is just as good a time as any to say how thankful I am, and how much I really do love Him. He is one person that to know Him, is to love Him.

I just wondered if that might not be a word of encouragement to someone. I hope so.

I learned some time ago how to not use food as a tool for comfort.. it's all in the abiding. But, I checked out a cookbook from the library yesterday, Fannie Flagg's Original Whistle Stop Cafe Cookbook. It is quite possible that one of those southern, and yes comforting recipes may appear on the table tonight instead of the healthier fare I had planned.

Enjoy today!

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