Friday, April 27, 2007

Beautiful birthday... card um... no so much.

My baby... my youngest daughter, is going to be 26 years young next week. She has been skipping care free through my mind for days now, only she looks a lot like she is 5. Humm... Where did the time go? She now has children! Anyway, maybe having strong memories of her as a little girl could be why I could not get this blasted birthday card to look the way I wanted to. No matter how hard I focused, she was five and skipping and I was destroying a really good idea for a card. The harder I tried, the worse it looked, the worse it looked, the harder I tried.... and the horrible downward spiral continued. She has a lot on her plate. She is studying for finals for her college classes. She has three active and involved young children which no matter what, she keeps as her first priority. She is an army wife and recently relocated. Her husband is a tank commander and has been "in the field" more than usual lately (which means he is gone up to weeks on end). Reason, because he is slated to go back to Iraq this year... for 15 months. And the list does go on, but I will stop here and just say, she is busy and a little stretched right now. I so wanted to give her a fun card and encourage her to just take a moment for herself, to enjoy herself and relax. Maybe it wasn't that beautiful little 5 year old skipping through my head that threw me off of my game where the card was concerned... maybe it was just my concern for her in general. Anyway, I am so disappointed in this card, I actually had tears show up. I guess I should just be thankful one of them did not drop on the card and leave a blurred spot... who knows though, maybe it would have helped. But, it had to go today for her to get it in time for her birthday... she lives MILES and states away!

Her daughter is a stamper. She has loved putting rubber with ink on it onto paper since the first time she did it. Some of us understand being bitten by that bug pretty well. I am hoping she bails me out and gives her mom one of those beautiful cards she makes. Yep! a little more Nana pride in this post and I've even attached a picture. She is a really wonderful girl and quite a lady. She sings beautifully (gets that from her daddy), and is learning to play the piano (momma plays the sax). But most of all, she is my upcoming stamping sister!

I used the word "hoping" and it made me think of something... maybe I can get that posted tomorrow.


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