Monday, April 23, 2007

Heading South! Catching up - 3.

Shortly after my April 10th post, my husband, dog and I left for a mini-vacation. We headed south. Our first stop was in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Traveling there is uneventful going all of the way from the top to the bottom of, Indiana. Kentucky, had its impact on me immediately since my youngest daughter and her family lived about 30 minutes outside of Louisville, until last October, when she and her family moved to, Texas. It seemed so odd to be going through there and not see them. A few tears and then further south we went. Kentucky is hillier, and for me that means prettier than, Indiana. It stays the same more or less until you get past Nashville, Tennessee. Then the hills get more height to them and the scenery picks up. Of course Nashville always makes me think of Dave Ramsey, probably should make one think of Country & Western music... not me... I am going to meet Dave Ramsey one of these days and get his little John Hancock on all of the books I own that he wrote. A while back, I saw where Kim met him. Though I seldom get jealous of anything..... and as happy as I was for her... there was a little green there. Just this side of Chattanooga, you have to ascend and descend, Monteagle. Breathtaking and gorgeous! From there on, it is simply beautiful south.

During the short time we were in Chattanooga, we got to see my daughter that was traveling with her family home from the funeral in Florida, for her husband's grandfather. We met up at a McDonald's and then everyone kept on going. It was good to see all of them. We met up with friends that live in Chattanooga, and from there went camping just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. A little weird being there without seeing my oldest daughter and her family that lived there and now live in, Ohio. Anyway, we went to Stone Mountain, Georgia, to camp. I've been to my share of campsites, but this one had to be the nicest and prettiest... and most peaceful, I've ever been to.

The pictures above are of our campsite. The handsome man on the right in the bicycle picture, is my husband. He took his bike with us and completely enjoyed cycling around the river in Chattanooga, and around the base of Stone Mountain at camp.

Probably most everyone is familiar with Mt. Rushmore in, South Dakota. But, I had to wonder how many people know about the three confederate heroes that are carved in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I knew nothing of this beautiful sight until I got there. The three gentlemen that are memorialized there are, Confederate President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee and Lt. General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. I'm a southern girl at heart... I was moved. NO, I do not condone slavery of any kind. Just southern by nature and rearing. The other picture above is of that carving.

I recommend Stone Mountain, Georgia for camping if you are looking for a campground in that neck of the woods. And the things to do in Atlanta, are almost endless and very diverse.

My next entry will be on a really great place that I got to go to and the story surrounding that little adventure.

Until then...

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