Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Ever had one of those days that everything that happened seemed to have an equal and completely opposite event follow it? Today was one of those days. To begin with I was reading in 1 Samuel, specifically I am referring to 1 Samuel 2:30. I was struck by how important it is that we are loyal to God, in all we do. This is Easter week, and it is Wednesday. It is a week I have really studied out. On Wednesday of that very eventful week, Judas Iscariot received 30 pieces of silver to sell Jesus out to the Sanhedrin. I ponder the daily events of this week, and so that was on my mind when I did my devotions and bumped into the verse in 1 Samuel. Then, while thinking about the loss my one son-in-law was facing today in Florida, I got a phone call from a different daughter and was told that they found a family member of her husbands', that they never knew they had. Not too long after that, the daughter visiting in Florida because of her husband's grandfather's death called and told me that all of his grandmother's family was there, right down to the great-grandchildren. Next, we got the wonderful update on my granddaughter that had surgery yesterday. We knew she was doing well at bedtime last night. Today she is back to her "feisty self" (her daddies very words). Then the email came in from my husband's aunt. She has been a missionary all of her life. Though retired, she is teaching Chinese as a second language and holding church services late one night a week so that the Chinese families that own businesses in Indianapolis and work Sunday's, can attend a service. Her best friend, co- worker and lifelong missionary partner, was just diagnosed with breast cancer. They are both in their 70's and have more energy than most of my friends that are 20+ years their junior. Loyalty & betrayal. Loss of family, gaining family. Overwhelming absence of a husband & overwhelming support and presence of an entire family. Health & sickness. The paradoxes just kept coming today.

There were almost enough of them to fade out the memory of what tomorrow brings for me. My mother will be gone two years tomorrow. Seems like yesterday and yet I'm certain it was forever ago. I know this is on my daughter's mind as she is in the midst of the loss they are experiencing in her husband's family. She and her husband lost a dear grandparent the same week of the year. I know she is reliving that right now. How thankful I am that my mother knew Jesus, as her personal Savior. There is comfort knowing she is in Heaven. How thankful I am that my daughter (all of them) knows Jesus as her Savior and can have comfort in the middle of all of this with her husband's family. She is learning how to rest in the Lord. Doing that, she will even have some joy on the inside when there is sadness all around on the outside. What a wonderful God we have!

Anyway, in the midst of it all I did get a card done today for my son-in-law's grandmother. Nothing particularly special, but it goes to her packed with love.

Stamps: SU So Very, RUBBER STAMPEDE Daisy Stem, Monte Casino Sprig & Solidago Sprig.
CS: SU Chocolate Chip, Light Blue, Cream
Inks: SU Chocolate Chip & Color Box Sky Blue,
Markers: SU Yoyo Yellow & Old Olive, Tombo 623 Lavender, Marvy No.3 Blue
This & that: SU Aged Copper Hodgepodge Hardware, SU Dazzling Diamonds, Brown grosgrain ribbon, Clear embossing powder

Until later........

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Allison said...

This is a nice little scene the watercolored look!