Sunday, April 1, 2007

Showing love in a friends sorrow.

The local Methodist church in our town has one of the dearest men I've ever met for it's Pastor. I consider it an honor to have had him as my friend and often confidant. His wife is an extraordinary woman as well. This gentleman's mother just passed away, and although I would thoroughly enjoy making he and/or his wife a card, a sympathy card would not have been my first choice. But, because of the twists of life, that is precisely what I just did. I had my Terrific Tulip stamps out to do Easter cards this week. I also had a scrap of the Mellow Moss cs that I'd used VersaMark and Sage Shadow chalk on from the SSS#8 inset. So, a card evolved. I like to pray for the people and the situations that I am making a card. You know, blessings and joy at birthday's; peace and comfort at times of stress and sorrow.... I sort of look at that as one of the perks of making a card for someone.

Enjoy everyday!

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